The 2020 Honda Civic Is Way Ahead Of Its Rivals

Experts may not have been able to agree on the best compact car of 2020, but it looks like buyers have come to a consensus. Some critics prefer options like the Toyota Corolla or the Volkswagen GTI. But it’s the 2020 Honda Civic that has emerged as the best-seller.  

Honda dethrones Toyota

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Touring
2020 Honda Civic Sedan Touring | Honda

The Civic may have fallen off in critics’ rankings over the years, but it is still among the most popular cars on the market. According to recent data from TTAC, the Civic is the best-selling compact car of the year, dethroning Toyota’s Corolla. By the end of Q3, Honda sold 73,083 Civics, bringing year-to-date unit sales for the model to 200,941.

While the Civic emerging as the class winner is impressive, total sales for this car are down 21.3%. Of course, COVID-19 has to do with declining sales, as well as consumers changing preferences for SUVs. Still, Honda is faring better than its rivals in the small car segment. Sales for the Corolla are down by 29%; Nissan Sentra sales are down by a whopping 52% compared to last year. Hyundai Elantra unit sales fell by 40.1%

What makes the Civic better than the rest?

The Honda Civic Si is an affordable sportscar for the masses.
Honda Civic Si Coupe | Honda

The Civic has gained and maintained its mass appeal by being practical, reliable, and fun to drive. For 2020, the Civic is available with a variety of potent engines. Most 2020 Civics will have the standard 158-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine linked to a continuously variable automatic. The base engine offers satisfying power, but there are spicier options available.

Critics like Consumer Reports consider the 2020 Civic Si a performance bargain. The Si comes with a turbo-four that makes 205-hp and is linked to a standard manual transmission. Hatchback variants are available with a turbo-four that produces 180-hp. If you’re interested in the most power on the Civic, consider the Type R, which has a 306-hp turbo-four. 

The Civic handles with confidence, thanks to a chassis that gives the car a sense of precision and control. It’s secure and predictable with minimal body lean while taking corners. The Civic turns in quickly and responds intuitively. 

Consumer Reports

On the inside 

The front row of of the 2020 Honda Civic with leather-trimmed seats.
2020 Honda Civic Sedan Touring | Honda

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In addition to its performance, the Civic is also a standout on the inside. This Honda has a well-built, classy cabin that can seat up to five. Cloth upholstery comes standard, and you have the option to upgrade with leather and heated seats.

The Civic also offers lots of tech. Base models will have simple features, including a 5-inch screen and Bluetooth. On a brighter note, the Civic comes with more active safety features, including adaptive cruise control and pre-collision warning.

You can upgrade to a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto for more connectivity gadgets. Although, the main downside to the Civic is that the available touchscreen isn’t very user-friendly. Other than that, it’s still an overall enjoyable car.