The 2020 Ford Transit 250 Is Good Enough to Make You Want It

Vans may not retain their popularity like they used to, but there’s one arena where the van will never go out of style. Moving. If you’re considering a van to help make relocating easier, then 2020 Ford Transit 250 is the most popular van for the job.

MotorTrend was both delighted and dismayed to learn just how great the Ford Transit is for doing things like moving. Here’s why the 2020 Ford Transit 250 is the perfect vehicle for making moving day go smoother than ever.

The 2020 Ford Transit 250

The 2020 Ford Transit 250 comes equipped with a 3.5 liter V-6 engine that gets 275 hp and 262 lb-ft. This is paired with a new 10-speed transmission. Even better is the fact that it’s all-wheel drive.

There is also a 2.0-Liter EcoBlue Bi-Turbo diesel I-4 engine. It features auto stop/start, which will help save money at the pumps.

Ford has also added a ton of safety features to the 2020 Transit. It comes with pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, post-collision braking, lane keep assist, and auto high-beam headlights. 

Other optional safety features included: adaptive cruise control, active park assist for automated steering assistance in pulling in and out of parallel and perpendicular parking spaces, front and rear split-view camera, and adjustable speed-limiting device. 

The interior is even better than ever. Drivers can choose between a 4.0-inch or freestanding 8.0-inch color touchscreen that comes with Bluetooth. Ford’s SYNC 3 operating system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is installed, and all Transits come standard with a FordPass Connect modem offering a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the hotspot.

The front chairs can be enabled so that they swivel. For anyone who’s Transit doubles as an office space or workshop, this is a game changer.

Moving has never been easier

One of the great things that makes the 2020 Ford Transit 250 perfect for moving is the roof. According to MotorTrend, “The Transit in question is a medium-roof model, which I thought was silly—who needs anything other than a high roof or a low roof? Shame on me because I found that the Transit was low enough to fit into the Death Star’s hallways but tall enough for us to stand up in and stack stuff. Score one for Goldilocks: The height was just right.”

The extra room was also a boon. The Transit is taller and longer than a typical van, and there’s no seats to move out of the way. 

It’s also narrow, meaning that you can fit into tighter spaces. Considering that moving requires you to squeeze into places not normally intended for a van, that’s a lifesaver.

You’ve never been so popular


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Not everyone buys a moving van. Many can’t afford it, and those who can may not need it. So if you’ve got a 2020 Ford Transit 250, prepare to become very popular.

Whether it’s simply loaning your van out to your parents or being guilt tripped into helping your cousin move, others may ask for your help. There’s also lots of other chores that might require your assistance.

Gardening season is an especially popular time for someone with a van. Hauling mulch, tools, and lawn care equipment takes up a lot of room. That’s where your Ford Transit comes in, of course.

There’s also Christmas time, when people need help hauling Christmas trees, presents, and trying to keep curious kids from discovering what they’re getting. While there may be a few people you can’t charge, such as parents or spouses, owning the 2020 Ford Transit 250 could be a great way to make a little extra cash on the side. What’s the point of hauling everyone else’s stuff if you can’t get something in return, after all?