The 2020 Ford Mustang Is the Cheapest 300-Hp Car You Can Buy

High-performance cars with beefy engines often don’t come cheap. Still, cars with engines capable of around 300 hp can still be fun to drive, especially the Ford Mustang. MotorTrend found that the Mustang is currently the cheapest new 300-hp car you can buy.

The Ford Mustang hasn’t lost much popularity, even though it debuted in the mid-60s. It has had some interesting and iconic designs over the years but never lost its reputation for peak performance. What does the latest Ford Mustang have to offer in terms of standard and available features?

What’s included on the base model?

The Ford Mustang already comes with a powerful engine, a 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo-four that can make 310 hp. It’s paired with a six-speed manual transmission, but you can drop some extra money on a ten-speed automatic. While it’s quick off the starting line, some critics say that its speed peters out eventually.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by adding on the available EcoBoost High Performance Package. This retunes its horsepower to 332 hp and gives it a nice 0-60 mph time in the five-second range. The pack costs almost $5,000, so this means you’ll be paying around $33,000 for a new Ford Mustang.

However, most dedicated thrill-seekers will agree that it’s well worth the upgrade. Car and Driver was very impressed with the upgraded EcoBoost, praising its handling ability and lovely exhaust note. A $2,000 handling and equipment package is also on offer, which gives you bigger brakes and Pirelli racing tires.

If you’re in the mood for a more leisurely drive, the Ford Mustang’s cabin is comfortable and quiet. It comes with high-quality cloth upholstery, but only higher trims have fancy tech options like smartphone integration. Also, the seats in the back tiny, with little room for adult passengers to stretch their limbs.

How much does the Ford Mustang cost?

A Ford Mustang with no extra options starts at around $27,865 including the destination fee. If you want to pay for both the handling and performance packs, this will up the minimal price closer to $37,000. Similar cars capable of over 330 hp, like the Chevy Camaro, only cost around $30,000.

As C/D points out, this Mustang will have more standard features than the rival Camaro, but it costs thousands of dollars extra. However, if money isn’t an obstacle for you, the Mustang has a few more powerful engines.

Available upgrades for the Ford Mustang


The 2020 Ford Mustang Is a Sports Car That Won’t Make You Settle

For around the same price as a High Performance EcoBoost model, you can buy a Ford Mustang GT. It has a 5.0-liter V8 that can make 460 hp, so it’s a better value than the upgraded EcoBoost. The Ford Mustang Bullitt also has this engine rated for 480 hp.

There are also two different Mustang Shelby models you can buy, starting at either $60,000 or $72,000. The most powerful version, the Shelby GTR500, comes with a beastly 760-hp supercharged V8 engine. It also has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission exclusive to this model.

 You can be a little more conservative with the GTR350, a regular V8 which makes 526 hp. The upgraded models will also net you better interior features. The Mustang GT receives leather seats with heating and ventilation, plus more infotainment features. It also comes with selectable drive modes and a few extra driver’s aids.

While all these fancy upgrades are nice, the regular Ford Mustang Ecoboost is perfectly enjoyable if you’re on a budget. 300 hp might not be so special by today’s standards, but the EcoBoost engine still packs a punch.