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Ford is a manufacturer that isn’t afraid to experiment. With a history of over 100 years of success, it’s come a long way from offering a single model (in any color the buyer liked, as long as it was black). Ford’s logo can be seen on standard sedans, sporty cars like the Mustang, the leading vehicles at Le Mans, and a lot of trucks.

But over the past 20 years, Ford decided that it didn’t have enough trucks. At least, not at the top of the line. They broke out the toughest, most durable trucks they could for the Ford F-Series Super Duty line.

The Ford Super Duty’s achievements

The 2020 Super Duty models were an immediate hit. The F-350 model won the Golden Hitch award, and the entire Super Duty line continued to receive accolades.

Most notably, J.D. Power recently published their list of the top-rated 2020 trucks. Not only did Ford make the list three different times, but it also claimed both of the top two spots. According to consumers, the Ford F-Series Super Duty was the highest-rated truck, period–regardless of size, price, or type.

Immediately following the Super Duty on the list was the 2020 Ford Ranger at #2. Another J.D. Power award winner in initial quality, the Ford Ranger is an option for buyers who still want the experience of a heavy Ford truck without going all the way to the Super Duty.

The 2020 Ford Ranger has already popped up on a recall list, but the company appears to be addressing it quickly and no other major problems have arisen.

What the J.D. Power list means

The J.D. Power list covers initial quality, so there’s no guarantee of how the Super Duty and Ranger models will perform five to eight years down the road. But Ford hasn’t built their reputation by letting their trucks fall apart on the road. Topping the J.D. Power list is a massive achievement for both vehicles and Ford should be able to lead the truck market for a long time.

One issue that may drive potential buyers toward the Ranger instead of the Ford F-series is the recent revelation that the F-series (including the Super Duty line) is largely constructed from parts sourced outside the USA. If Ford’s reputation as a full-blooded American automaker is important to a customer, they’ll likely look at the Ford Ranger instead — a vehicle that actually topped the list of most American-made pickups.

The pure reliability of the Ford F-Series Super Duty

The Ford Ranger and the Ford F-Series Super Duty are both reliable trucks, but that’s where the similarities end. Depending on what exactly a buyer is looking for, they might prefer one or the other.

Some jobs simply can’t be done in a Ford Ranger, even the popular 2020 model. Picking up a Super Duty allows buyers to accomplish tasks the Ranger could never dream of. But the Ranger is an American truck through and through, while the F-Series (despite being America’s favorite truck) is largely constructed in foreign factories.

At the end of the day, Ford has done a great job to give consumers a choice. Very different vehicles with very different pros and cons, but the two models topped the J.D. Power list together. Whether you want to go all out for a Super Duty or you’re content with the considerable power of the Ford Ranger, you can rest easy that initial quality is no issue for these models.

Even the (non-Super duty) F-150 made the list at #5, allowing Ford to sell as many models as they can before it goes in for a redesign. It’s been another great year for the popular Ford brand and the redesigned F-150 will likely shake things up going forward.


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