The 2020 Ford Expedition Is the Only SUV of Its Kind on This Impressive List

Some people just need a bigger vehicle. And by bigger, we mean larger capacities than the traditional five-passenger crossovers offer. Whether it’s hauling family, friends, or band equipment, only the large SUVs like the Ford Expedition will do. The increased cargo space, the more powerful engine for towing, and the third row are necessities to many.

The competition in this large SUV segment is pretty steep. And U.S. News compiles a list of the 15 best in this class. It’s an impressive list of top-notch contenders that you may want to consider for your next vehicle purchase. However, more impressive may be the top ranking of the 2020 Ford Expedition in this evaluation. It is one of the only of its kind among the favorite vehicles in this contest.

The impressive list of the best six-passenger vehicles

U.S. News sifts through the reviews and available data regarding six-passenger vehicles for 2020. Most of the vehicles on the top 15 come with a standard for six passengers at a minimum. But some offer seven- or eight-passenger seating as well. Based on the evaluation ranking system and an assignment of an interior score, these behemoth SUVs are the best of the best in this segment.

What the Ford Expedition has that makes it worthy of this list

With scores in the 8.4 and 8.5 out of a possible ten range, the 2020 Ford Expedition lands high on this best six-passenger vehicles list. It offers mammoth size and beefy capability to satisfy the workhorse demands. But it’s also refined and comfortable, with three rows of seats.

In the large SUV category, the 2020 Ford Expedition offers quality interior, class-leading towing capacity, and impressive infotainment. You may only need an SUV this big because you’re working or towing or you’re in need of space for people and cargo. The Expedition aces with flying colors as it is the solution for both types of buyers.

How the Ford Expedition is a unique entry

What could be even more unique about the Ford Expedition’s ranking in this U.S. News evaluation is how it compares to its competition. It’s the only non-luxury large SUV on the list at all. Many of the other vehicles that ranked well include the Tesla Model X, the BMW X5, the Mercedes-Benz GLE, and the Lincoln Navigator.

A winning large SUV contender for work or family


The 2020 Ford Expedition Max Can Be Just as Luxurious as a Lincoln

In addition to making the ranks of the 15 best six-passenger vehicles, the 2020 Ford Expedition also was selected by Edmunds as a contender for their Fastest SUVs for 2019 award. With this much winning for the 2020 model, it might be exciting to see what’s new for 2021. So far, the critics say to expect a cavernous interior, of course, with plenty of space for cargo and people.

The King Ranch trim will be available in both Max and regular body styles. And Ford’s Co-Pilot360 platform of driver aids is standard across all Expedition trims levels. There is even a blacked-out package called Black Accent for the XLT models. The wheels, body, and exterior trim are painted black for a stunning look. If that’s not enough, the critics are even suggesting this new 2021 Ford Expedition tows more than others in the class.

It’s not often that a non-luxury model finds itself surrounded by luxury brands in a best-of list. But the 2020 Ford Expedition did just that. It ranks among the best of the best and the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Tesla. If you need a six-passenger large SUV, the Ford Expedition is definitely worth a look.