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The midsize SUV class has a good number of offerings in past years and also going into the 2020 season. You’ll find vehicles from Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Subaru, and many more. Tucked in amongst them is a bit of a surprise.

Consumer Reports rated all the vehicles in this class and found some that come out on top. One of them is the Ford Edge. Despite having a little rocky start, it’s now found a spot in this class and it can compete with the big boys. Here are the thoughts that the Consumer Reports editors had about the 2020 Edge.

How it ranked in the top seven midsize SUVs

The Edge falls in the top seven of this class because of a few different reasons. One has to do with its braking. The 2020 Ford Edge ranked within the top three SUVs in its class, for braking distance.

When Consumer Reports tested it for emergency braking during crash test scenarios, the Edge came to a stop from 60 mph in only 129 ft. They tied with the Subaru’s Ascent and surpassed many others who fell in the 130-feet+ ranges. The only one that did better was the Kia Telluride with a mere 2-foot shorter braking distance.

Another reason is how well it drove. The Edge got decent road test scores from Consumer Report editors. The overall rating was 84 for road test evaluation, which helped it tie with the Volkswagen Atlas for the 5th position amongst other mid-size SUVs. Consumer Reports liked the Ford Edge’s quiet noise level, quick handling in some situations, and smooth ride.

What else Consumer Reports liked about the Ford Edge

The 2020 Ford Edge comes with a standard 2.0-liter turbo-style four-cylinder motor that offers a decent acceleration time of 7.7 seconds when going from 0 to 60 mph. The eight-speed transmission was impressive, but not quite as good as the previous model’s six-speed offering. Still, the pairing of the tranny and the standard engine was enough to help the Edge ride smoothly down the road.

Another point they were excited about is the noise level. The Edge had one of the quietest cabins of all the midsize SUV options. While some competitors failed to eliminate the wind and road noises, the Edge kept them at bay and only allow the sounds of the engine hum, which you could barely even hear.

Seat comfort was another high point of the vehicle. Standard seats were a dream to ride in for long trips and that goes for the rear passengers as well.

What they didn’t care for with the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge they tested was a good car, but unfortunately, there were a few things they didn’t care for. One of the biggest things that disappointed was the fuel economy. It’s rated for 31 mpg on the highway, but only 22 mpg combined.

The figures are decent, but there are a few competitors that surpass the Edge when it comes to getting better gas mileage. The trunk and cargo space for this SUV is nice as well. But, with other vehicles in the same class, it doesn’t quite compete at the same level as some of them.

The driving position is another area where the 2020 Ford Edge rated low. The area is large enough for the driver to get in and out with ease, but when sitting in the driver’s seat, it’s cramped and somewhat uncomfortable.

The resting platform where your left foot would lay is too close to the driver’s body. If you use it, you’ll feel a bit twisted sitting there. Also, the vehicle’s reliability ratings aren’t exactly the greatest. The Edge has had a good number of problems in the past which hover over it as they roll off newer models in the production line.

While the Edge has seen its share of issues in the past, the newer models have ironed most of them out. As with any vehicle that’s been out for quite a while, the Ford Edge has made a tremendous amount of improvements. So, the 2020 model is one you can rely on.


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