The 2020 Cadillac CT5 Interior Is a Throwback in a Good Way

In a world where trucks are considered cool based on how many tricks their tailgate can do, and how far a car can go on pure electricity, automakers can’t seem to decide whether to add buttons to their infotainment system or skip them. That seems to be the question plaguing the auto world at the moment.

While auto giants like Tesla and Ram are banning buttons, was pleased to report that Cadillac is bucking the latest trend by adding them to the new CT5.

Buttons aren’t just for shirts

As strange as it seems, buttons are now a thing of the past. It might be going overboard to suggest they’re now vintage, but it might be headed that way. It’s too early to tell, but physical buttons may be headed the way of the CD player

Or will they? The public has more power over automakers than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. After all, if consumers don’t buy it, then automakers are stuck with a lot of inventory and the price tag that comes from production. That’s why automakers listen more than we think. was thrilled by the new buttons in the 2020 Cadillac CT5 and stated, “The predecessor to the CT5, the CTS sedan, had an infotainment system that went heavy on touchscreen surfaces; it was hard to tell you’d pressed a control, and the screen surface felt flimsy. Behold! Some buttons are back in the cabin of the CT5. There are knobs for volume and tuning, along with a row of silver buttons below the infotainment screen to control heating and cooling functions. Thank you, Cadillac.”

While there is such a thing as too many buttons, adding in a few here and there is actually a nice touch. Not all automakers agree, however. 

Some automakers think the future doesn’t have buttons

In an effort to keep up with the Jetsons, automakers are attempting to come up with a futuristic car that can drive itself, fly, and brew our coffee in the morning. Well, perhaps the coffee part is a little out there, but the rest is pretty accurate. 

Right now, consumers want more tech that makes life easier. Whether it be a car that backs up for you or a truck that talks, we want everything to be high tech but simple.

For some automakers like Tesla and Ram, that seems to be gigantic screens that are simply too large for buttons. Some consumers love this. Others, not so much.

The Ram 1500 is taking a beating for its glitch riddled touch screen. Ram actually tried to update it, but the infotainment system kept shutting down before it could.

Would buttons make this problem go away? Probably not. But being able to press a physical button rather than trying to touch a screen that won’t register where you press is much better. 

Buttons aren’t the only good thing about the 2020 Cadillac CT5

As great as buttons are, the 2020 Cadillac CT5 has some other great features to offer. One of the greatest for people with long legs is all the space you’ll find inside. If you’ve been practicing your pretzel pose after cramming yourself into tiny sports cars, the CT5 will feel like stepping into a limo.

It’s also made with better materials that feel soft to the touch. Cadillac had departed from its luxurious history in order to make vehicles cheaper while increasing the price. With the CT5, Cadillac flipped the script, and used quality materials while dropping the price.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, the CT5 also comes with Wi-Fi and a backup camera. Just because the American automaker dared to make buttons cool again doesn’t mean that it isn’t hip.

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