The 2020 BMW X6 Dominated the Competition in a Consumer Study

It would be easy to assume that luxury vehicles also provide high quality. It turns out that not all luxury vehicles are equal in that regard. J.D. Power has checked in with consumers to see what sorts of problems they’ve experienced with their new vehicles. One SUV that scored quite highly, demonstrating plenty of initial quality, is the 2020 BMW X6. Here’s a look at what J.D. Power discovered.

The J.D. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study

J.D. Power recently released the J.D. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study (IQS) on June 24. The study examines new-vehicle quality by taking a look each year at the issues owners are having during the first 90 days of owning a new vehicle.

This year’s study of 2020 vehicles determined initial quality scores through the PP100 score. That measure is determined by the number of problems per 100 vehicles. Higher initial quality is demonstrated with a lower PP100 score.

The study for 2020 surveyed 87,282 people who purchased or leased a 2020 model-year vehicle. The survey was conducted between February and May 2020. It was redesigned for 2020 and includes 223 questions across the nine categories of infotainment; features, controls, and displays; exterior; driving assistance (a new category for 2020); interior; powertrain; seats; driving experience; and climate.

The 2020 BMW X6 – best initial quality luxury SUV


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The BMW X6 is ranked the highest in the “upper midsize premium SUV” segment, but it is also the luxury SUV of any size with the best PP100 overall. The 2020 BMW X6 has a PP100 score of 117.

The SUV has been redesigned for the 2020 model year and looks like a sportier BMW X5. It features a coupe-styled sloping rear. The X6 has three trim levels. The sDrive40i and xDrive40i have a turbocharged V6 engine, producing 335 hp. The sDrive40i has rear-wheel drive, while the xDrive40i has all-wheel drive. The M50i is the third trim, and this performance model comes with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8, generating 523 hp.

The interior features two 12.3-inch digital displays as well as gesture controls. It offers upgrades like navigation, wireless charging, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. It also has comforts like power-adjustable front seats, heated front cushions, and customizable ambient lighting.

Other SUVs with excellent PP100 scores

Other high-quality “upper midsize premium SUVs” include the BMW X5 and Audi Q8, which are ranked second and third for initial quality in this segment. If you aren’t looking for an “upper midsize premium SUV,” there are winners in other SUV sizes as well.

J.D. Power divides luxury SUVs into five categories: “small premium SUV,” “compact premium SUV,” “midsize premium SUV,” “upper midsize premium SUV,” and “large premium SUV.”

The Jaguar E-Pace wins for “small premium SUV” with a PP100 score of 159. The Cadillac XT4 ranks best for “compact premium SUV” with a PP100 score of 164. The Lexus GX has the highest initial quality for “midsize premium SUV” with a PP100 score of 135. The Cadillac Escalade wins for “large premium SUV” with a PP100 score of 141.

It’s interesting to note that among all the premium SUVs, the 2020 Lexus GX comes in second behind the BMW X6. However, its PP100 score is 18 points higher – a big difference. Looking at vehicles in addition to SUVs, the Chevrolet Sonic is the vehicle with the best initial quality rating of any model considered in the 2020 study. It has a PP100 score of 103.

When you’ve bought a new vehicle, you’d like it to be trouble-free at least during the first three months. The recent data from J.D. Power helps give buyers a heads-up about which vehicles are most likely to live up to this need. Among SUVs, the BMW X6 is a standout, receiving an excellent initial quality rating.