The 2017 Toyota 86 Is One of the Best Used Sports Cars For the Money

If you want an affordable sports car, the Mazda Miata is usually the first option that comes to mind. However, you have other options beyond the Miata. If you’re looking for an entertaining car that’s relatively cheap, you’ll want to consider the Toyota 86. And to score one of the best deals on the 86, the 2017 version is an excellent choice. 

What makes the 2017 Toyota 86 a great car to buy used?

A grey 2017 Toyota 86 parked on a side street.
2017 Toyota 86 | Cheat Sheet

The 2017 Toyota 86 showed that driving is believing. Some enthusiasts were skeptical about the 86 at first, though. This is because the 86 is technically just a rebadged Scion FR-S. Still, the 86 was able to win drivers over because it offered the best elements of the FR-S with a modern flair. The 86 also shares a platform with the Subaru BRZ.

As a new model, the 86 impressed road testers with its lively handling and classy interior. What also makes the 86 stand out in its class is that it’s pretty practical, for a sports car anyway. This Toyota’s well-rounded nature made it one of U.S. News’ top picks for most affordable 2017 sports cars. U.S. News also considers the 2017 86 as one of the best used sports cars around $20K and up.

Driving the 86 is undeniably fun 

Despite a few flaws, the 86 is a good sports car. The 86 is the type of car that makes routine trips more fun while still being relatively fuel-efficient. Standard models come with a 205-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine linked to a six-speed manual transmission. You also can shop models with the available six-speed automatic, but that reduces horsepower to 200. 

While some enthusiasts wish that Toyota made the 86 more powerful, it’s still an undeniably satisfying ride. As U.S. News highlighted, one of the significant drawbacks to the FR-S was that it was a stiff ride. However, the 86 features a retuned suspension, which translates into a smoother and more pleasant driving experience. 

The 86 also gets extra points for being easy to handle, even as you turn sharp corners. Its overall braking performance is excellent, too, as Consumer Reports noted in its road test for the vehicle. On top of this, the 86 returns a combined 25 mpg with the manual and 27 mpg overall with the automatic. Not bad for a sports car at all.

Interior elements 

The inside of the 2017 86 features a black interior.
2017 Toyota 86 | Cheat Sheet

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The 86 is also a winner on the inside because of comfortable seats and sharp styling. This coupe can technically seat four people, but space is tight in the back as with other models in the class. Critics liked the 86’s standard bucket seats and also appreciated its outstanding driver’s visibility. 

Regarding in-car tech, standard features in the 2017 86 include a 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, and voice recognition. Some models will have navigation and an upgraded stereo system. Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity aren’t available on this model. Toyota didn’t make these features available until the 2020 version.