The 2017 Ford Escape Isn’t a Completely Terrible Choice

The Ford Escape has acquired numerous complaints over the years, many of which apply to the 2008 to 2014 model years. Fortunately, though, Ford Escape has greatly improved since then. If you are interested in buying a used Escape, the 2017 version is one of the better ones to pick. But it’s up to you to determine if its pros outweigh the cons.

The Ford Escape is one of the most affordable 2017 SUVs

The Ford Escape on display at the Chicago Auto Show
The Ford Escape | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The 2017 Escape seems like a total bargain, especially compared to other used models in the compact SUV class. Reviewers at U.S. News considers this Ford as its #1 2017 affordable compact SUV. U.S. News also considers the 2017 Escape as one of the best used compact SUVs between $15K to $20K, but you can also get one for lower than this price point. 

When it was new, critics recognized the 2017 Escape for its athletic handling and updated tech features. This Escape features three different engine choices. Base models have a 168-horsepower four-cylinder that’s just fine for everyday rides. The SE and Titanium trims have a quicker turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 179-hp. And for the most power available, you’ll want to shop for models with the turbo-four that has 245 horses. 

For 2017, Ford updated the Escape inside and out. One of the bright spots on the Escape is its comfortable and roomy car cabin. Leather trimmings are available on the upper-level trims; cloth upholstery is standard on the base models. The Escape also offers a few modern infotainment features, including a voice-controlled infotainment system. Some models will also have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. 

Cons of the 2017 Escape

A 2014 Ford Escape on a car dealership lot.
A Ford Escape on a car dealership lot | Getty Images

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While the 2017 Escape is affordable, there are some common owner complaints to be aware of. Consumer Reports gave the Escape a below-average reliability score. CR based this reliability score on its latest subscriber survey of 2017 Escape owners. The survey showed that common trouble spots associated with the Escape have to do with its body integrity. 

Many owners found the Escape to “rattle” on the inside. Others noted that the Escape’s plastic finishings easily broke. Some also pointed out that the Escape had faulty in-car electronics. For example, the navigation feature on the Escape’s infotainment system would not function properly. Separately, there is a single NHTSA safety recall on the 2017 Escape that relates to its software. 

Based on owners’ feedback, CR gave the Escape a two out of a five for owner satisfaction.  But on a more positive note, there are few areas that owners especially liked. Many were happy with the Escape’s “peppy handling” and “quick and excellent” acceleration. This SUV also received high marks for its overall style and driving experience. CR’s survey also showed that only 60 percent of 2017 Escape owners would repurchase this SUV.

Is the 2017 Escape right for you?

Even though the Escape didn’t earn the best owner satisfaction ratings, it’s not a terrible choice for a used SUV. It was one of the best-selling models of 2017, and it doesn’t have severe repair issues. However, it’s also worth considering models with higher ratings, including the 2017 Honda CR-V .