The 2017 BMW X3 Is One of the Most Reliable Versions to Get

If you’re looking for a fun and practical luxury SUV, then the BMW X3 might be the ideal choice for you. And as you would expect from a BMW, the X3 is gorgeous inside and out. The X3 is one of the most affordable BMW vehicles, but for a real discount, you’ll want to buy it used. As you’re shopping for used X3 models, you’ll see that the 2017 version is one of the best versions to get in terms of reliability.

The X3 earned above-average reliability ratings

A BMW X3 car is presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show IAA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The 2017 BMW X3 | TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

What makes the 2017 X3 stand out compared to other model years is its noteworthy predicted reliability ratings. According to its extensive testing, Consumer Reports considers the 2017 model year one of best for the X3. CR gave it a 4 out of five for reliability. 

There are some potential trouble spots to be aware of, though. The 2017 X3 has three NHTSA safety recalls on it. They relate to concerns with the SUV’s power equipment and body integrity. Before you buy, make sure to address these issues with your auto dealer.

What is it like to drive a used 2017 BMW X3?

One of the most significant aspects of the X3 is its dynamic performance. For 2017, the X3 features three engine options and is available in three different trim levels. Base models come with a 240-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. 

For more power, you will want to shop for models equipped with the 300-hp, turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The inline-six is far sportier than the standard engine. When it was new, experts at Kelley Blue Book recognized the 2017 X3 for its available diesel engine. The diesel engine gets extra points for efficiency, but it’s not the most lively option. 

There is one feature polarizing driving feature on the X3. The 2017 version came standard with a stop/start function that stops the engine as it’s idle to save gas. It will restart after you hit the accelerator. The problem is that there is a lag after you take your foot off the brake pedal. You can turn this function off, though. 

On the inside of the X3

The inside of the X3 is handsome and durable.
2017 BMW X3 interior | BMW

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The X3 can comfortably seat up to five people, and it’s generous on legroom. It came standard with faux leather upholstery, but some models will have embellished leather seats. Critics praised the inside of the X3 mostly for being comfortable but noted that it lacked many desirable in-car electronic features.

Standard infotainment features on the 2017 X3 are very standard indeed. The most notable features in this department are Bluetooth connection, a nine-speaker stereo, and HD Radio. Upgraded models will have a wifi hotspot, wireless charging, and satellite radio. Unfortunately, BMW didn’t offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the 2017 model. 

As far as advanced safety goes, the X3 is a bit disappointing here too. No advanced safety equipment came standard this model year. However, some models will have features such as forward-collision warning and blind-spot monitoring.