The 2017 Audi Q3 Is a Great Way to Get Luxury Quality for a Budget Price

Everyone knows that a car loses some portion of its value when you drive it off the lot. 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent – it varies by model. But buying a new vehicle will always be significantly more expensive than a used version of the same model. While this might make purchasing a new car feel like a rip-off, there’s a flip side to it. Purchasing a model that’s a few years old allows you to go up significantly in quality without spending significantly more money. The 2017 Audi Q3 is now available at the same price consumers would pay for a new “economy” SUV.

The Consumer Reports list

Consumer Reports recently published a list of five used cars that deliver the best value for the money. The least expensive vehicle on the list is the Honda Fit at just under $15,000. For that price, you’re not going to get much more car than the Fit, and it’s a great value if you’re looking to save money. But for consumers willing to spend up a bit, CR found a great deal on a car that wouldn’t usually be a consideration for most buyers.

The Audi Q3 has been a mainstay of the luxury car industry through the 2010s. After a 2011 debut, it steadily gained market share until 2018 when Audi announced a redesign. With the more desirable 2018 and forward versions on the market, demand for the 2017 model has dipped slightly and resulted in a price break. However, the 2017 version is still a high-quality car and it carries the Audi luxury feeling. Consumer Reports broke it down further in the Audi Q3’s individual review.

Breaking down the 2017 Audi Q3

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According to Consumer Reports, the 2017 Audi Q3 can be found between $20,000 and $26,000. In the full CR review, it earned a full 5/5 on the reliability scale. While a high reliability score is always good news, it’s especially impressive here. Since the 2017 Audi Q3 is available at such an affordable price, it might even become the daily driver for consumers who normally couldn’t afford it.

At an average of 23 mpg, the 2017 Audi Q3 doesn’t exactly have the best fuel economy on the road. But it’s not built for range, it’s built for style. And at a price point just north of $20,000, it’s suddenly built for the average consumer to try out. Some consumers simply don’t need luxury in their vehicles. They’re content to buy a Honda, drive it for nine years, and then buy another Honda. But Audi’s aggressive pricing is getting the 2017 Q3 in the price range of some customers who never would have considered it.

Why the Q3 makes sense at this price point

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The 2020 Audi Q3 Just Barely Edges Out the Jaguar E-Pace

The Audi Q3 is a four-door SUV. It’s a luxury vehicle, but it also has enough functionality that it’s a reasonable buy for nearly any consumer. The biggest obstacle in the past has been the vehicle’s price, but the used model no longer has that restriction.

More than anything else, the Audi Q3 feels luxurious. It’s a fun car to drive and it has that classic Audi look. For those who aren’t ready to buy a car quite yet, it might be worth waiting. Audi is working on some problems that have plagued electric vehicle owners for years and they might have some exciting new offerings soon.

But if you’re in the market for a luxury SUV on the smaller side and you’re willing to purchase something from a few years back, the pricing of the 2017 Audi Q3 is almost irresistible.