The 2016 Toyota Highlander Might Be the Ideal Used Midsize SUV

Not everyone can afford to pick their SUV from a recent string of brand-new cars. Sometimes, someone with a budget wants the best car to get in 2020 without paying the 2020 prices. This is where older vehicles like the 2016 Toyota Highlander come in. With big-size power in a midsize shell, the Highlander is the ideal car for anyone looking for a used midsize SUV without paying high prices in the process. 

Surviving the test of time

Just because a car looks good on the brand-new market, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look good years from now. In this way, the 2016 Toyota Highlander is banking on its reputation for long-lasting cars. According to Consumer Reports, the 2016 Highlander performs better than most cars, with an impressive 5/5 rating in the department. 

While there are some concerns with standard wear and tear, such as the breaks and the body’s overall build, four years into its lifespan, the Highlander remains one of the most reliable cars on the market. There are some technical glitches, with one complaining about the shoddy blind spot monitor and others complaining about the built-in display. Still, many of these have to do with hardware inside the car more than its actual performance. 

However, to many buyers, the car has a higher success rate than others who have tried to withstand the test of time. 

Other complaints about the Toyota Highlander

A look at Car Complaints offers a more in-depth look at issues people have. The most jarring thing you find, however, is the lack of many complaints. Any car that hits the market is bound to have some issues, but none of the problems on Car Complaints are as rampant as even the 2015 model of the same car was. 

The most consistent problem on the site echoes those on Consumer Reports. The most common complaint has to do with the accessories. While not ideal, these issues are often much cheaper and easier to deal with than those in the car’s engine. The closest thing that someone has to that type of problem with the vehicle itself is the brakes, some engine issues, and suspension and electrical issues. 

Other problems with the paint and the A/C are standard issues that will arise in many cars that old regardless of the build. However, what the 2016 Toyota Highlander might lack in certain areas, it makes up for by remaining one of the most reliable midsize SUVs on the planet. 

Why you should get a 2016 Toyota Highlander


A Redesign Doesn’t Stop the 2021 Toyota Highlander From Being Reliable

The Toyota Highlander is always sold on its tough build, and the 2016 version might be the best example of this to this day. It handles like a smaller car while holding the power of a bigger one. It is the ideal SUV for anyone who needs to carry around a large family or car full of friends with eight seats, and with up to 270 hp; it isn’t afraid to face the elements either. 

While there might be some concerns about the hardware in the screen upfront or some of the other standard issues with the car, the reliable build and Toyota’s ability to address the issues at hand make this as good a car as any on the resale market. With a V6 engine and all this power for a midsize SUV, there’s no better place to look than here. 

They currently go for anywhere from $23,000 to $35,000 used, although those with better packages might occasionally go higher. For families or adventurers looking for a newish car for lower prices, however, the Highlander leaves the competition in the dust.