The 2015 VW Passat Has Some Concerning Recalls

The Volkswagen Passat is an affordable option for getting a low-end luxury sedan that still offers a great driving and handling experience. It’s practical and it’s stylish, receiving many updates over the years to improve the car’s appearance and make it look more modern and even more aggressive. The 2015 model year of the Volkswagen Passat is a good choice if you’re looking to get a used car but don’t want to sacrifice quality. It does, however, have some concerning recalls that might make you check twice.

How serious are the recalls

The word recall is usually enough to send chills down any car owner’s spine, but not all recalls are equal, and some of them are definitely worse than others. Some are minor inconveniences, like problems with the infotainment system, but some of the problems with the Passat are actually concerning.

Volkswagen Passat on the assembly line| Globalmomentsullstein bild via Getty Images

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The 2015 Volkswagen Passat has been known to have a few problems with the fuel system. Whether it comes from problems with the fuel rail to failures in the fuel lines, there have been several instances of fuel leaking out. When fuel leaks into the wrong places it can cause car fires – which are about as dangerous as they sound.

You can still buy one

On the Volkswagen website, you can check the VIN number of a car you own or are interested in buying. This will show any recalls that have affected your specific car, and will sometimes even tell you if the warranty work has been completed.

This can be helpful in multiple ways. If you are looking to purchase a Passat, or really any Volkswagen car, you can see if it is affected by these recalls or any others. Not every 2015 Passat was affected by the recalls, meaning there are some that could be perfectly fine. The second reason is that you can see if the recall maintenance has been complete, which means that there are no concerns.

Car repair shop manager Marc Oliver Dahl has connected a VW Passat TDI to a computer used for diagnostics | Marius Becker/picture alliance via Getty Images

If you are interested in purchasing a car that does have the recall warning but the maintenance has not been completed, you can reach out to your local dealership and see what recalls you can still have done. Because the 2015 model year is out of warranty, you cannot rely on the warranty to cover the repairs, but many recalls are done at the cost of the manufacturer’s cost.

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The 2015 Volkswagen Passat is still a reliable car, and you can buy them for an affordable price. They are common on the used car market, and since you can check to verify the warranty work it is at least worth considering one.