The 2015 Toyota 4Runner Proved to Be Reliable According to Consumer Reports

If you have your eye on a Toyota 4Runner, it’s not a bad idea to buy used instead of new. The 4Runner holds its value well, and it’s pretty dependable too. As you’re shopping for used models, you’ll see that the 2015 4Runner presents value and superior reliability.

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner is the smart way to save, says Consumer Reports 

The Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner at the Annual Chicago Auto Show
The Toyota 4Runner | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

For most model years, Consumer Reports has given the 4Runner a five out of five for reliability. The 2015 4Runner falls slightly below the average, but it still earned a four out of five. CR recently obtained updated survey data from its members, and the 2015 4Runner proved to be one of the most reliable five-year-old SUVs. This 4Runner’s comes through for its off-roading acumen and simplicity.

Galavanting in the 2015 4Runner 

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The 2015 4Runner features a 270-hp 4.0-liter V6 engine linked to a five-speed automatic transmission. This SUV offers adequate power, and it accelerates well, but it tends to get loud at higher speeds. And as you’ve probably heard, the 4Runner isn’t the most practical option for everyday drives. Its handling isn’t very smooth on paved roads, and it’s not very fuel-efficient. 

CR noted that the 4Runner’s soft suspension contributes to its pronounced body roll, and the SUV’s body bounces continuously. However, the 4Runner’s flaws on-road contribute to its exceptional performance off-road. So if rugged off-roading adventures are what you’re after, the 2015 4Runner could satisfy your needs.

For 2015, Toyota introduced the TRD Pro trim level for the 4Runner. You’ll want to shop for 4Runner TRD Pro trim models for additional off-roading goodies, including higher-capacity Bilstein shocks and an advanced multi-terrain select system. The TRD trim doesn’t make any changes to the 4Runner’s standard powertrain, though. 

Interior elements 

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner has a functional and simple car cabin.
A pre-owned 2015 Toyota 4Runner on the inside | Toyota

The 4Runner’s interior matches its rugged exterior. Standard models seat five and have basic cloth upholstery. For a more upscale feel, you can look for models with leatherette or genuine leather seats. Some models will also have a third-row seat, which bumps the seating up to seven. 

Regarding in-car tech, the 2015 4Runner is simple. It has Bluetooth, a 6.1-inch infotainment display, and a backup camera. For more creature comforts, you might want to consider the 2015 Toyota Highlander over the 4Runner. 

Potential trouble spots 

A Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro on display
A Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro at an auto show | Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

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CR’s updated reliability ranking for the 2015 4Runner may come as a surprise because of the recall actions associated with the SUV. There are nine NHTSA recalls associated with the 2015 4Runner. They are related to potential issues with the model’s engine, equipment, body structure, and airbags. 

While there are some complaints about the 2015 4Runner, there isn’t a significant number based on NHTSA data. CR’s recent survey information shows that even models with numerous recall actions can still demonstrate overall reliability. Even so, we recommend that you make sure your auto dealer properly addressed the recall actions before you make your purchase.