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One of America’s most beloved muscle cars is the Dodge Challenger. Born in 1969, as a 1970 model, the short decked design created enough excitement to turn anyone into a gearhead. The Challenger engine still purrs today, and car buyers often turn into collectors as they keep finding and buying older models of this beautiful car.

You might be browsing the classifieds for a Challenger of your own. If you’ve spotted a 2015 model, you might need to be aware of a few reliability issues, as reported by the Consumer Reports surveys.

The Dodge Challenger only scores two out of five

This beefy car excels at almost everything a driver asks of it. However, based on the feedback from vehicle owners, the 2015 model has a history of reliability issues. They rate this popular muscle car with only a two out of possible five in reliability.

When Consumer Reports evaluates reliability, it takes into consideration reported maintenance and replacement issues across a variety of categories. The experts also collect a total number of manufacturer-issued recalls.

Electronic issues inside

Based on the responses from owners of those 2015 Dodge Challenger models, problems with CD players, speakers, and phone pairing seem to be prevalent. Others experienced issues with the display screen going blank, and backup cameras failing. Car owners also complained of problems with their steering wheel controls and voice command systems.

Drive system failures

The surveys also show a trend with 2015 model owners having to repair or replace axles, driveshafts, and differentials. There were reported concerns about driveline vibrations as well. Others experienced electrical failures with the electronic stability control feature.

Power equipment hiccups

Some Dodge Challenger owners shared their experiences with ongoing electronic failures regarding their power equipment. Remote starts were reported as failing, and warning lights and cruise control both seem to be problematic. Other power equipment issues represented in these surveys include the wiper motors, tire pressure monitor systems, and even in-dash gauges.

Transmission large and small concern

There are reported repairs and maintenance with the transmission of the 2015 Dodge Challenger. What Consumer Reports considers ‘minor,’ are instances of gear selection failure, leaks, and transmission sensor problems.

Owners reported rough shifting and slipping transmission cases, as well. For a few folks, complete rebuild or replacement was necessary. Others had to have the clutch replaced entirely.

Body integrity issues over time

Consumer Reports gave a low score to the 2015 Challenger for body integrity. According to their surveys, car owners complained about various rattles and annoying wind noises. They experienced cracked seals and stripping, along with air and water leaks.

What says

There are, of course, several reliable resources available to car buyers to find out what past owners say were problems with their vehicles. bases its findings on ownership reports of issues, repairs, and frequent replacements.

For the 2015 Dodge Challenger, they suggest the two most common problems are shifting quality issues with the transmission and fuel tank repairs. Those with transmission complaints reported hard downshifting that required control module repairs.

The Challenger owners with gas tank problems said began to have trouble filling the tank altogether, and pump auto shut-off inconveniently. Technicians report diagnosis can be anything from the vapor recirculation tube to the EVAP system canister control valve. Based on the overall roster of repairs reported to, their experts suggest the average repair costs for the 2015 Dodge Challenger is between $682 to $833.

Just because Consumer Reports gives the 2015 Dodge Challenger a two out of five stars for reliability, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid this model year altogether.

In fact, the experts scored this model five out of five in a variety of other categories, including engine performance, suspension, and braking. If you have your muscle car-loving heart set on buying a 2015 Challenger, you may just want to prepare for some of these trending reports of various component issues that lead to a lower overall probability of reliability.


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