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$15,000 is the demarcation line for used cars. Vehicles under that price cap are typically older or have higher mileage. There are exceptions, and one of the best is the 2014 Toyota Prius. It combines Toyota’s legendary reliability, space-age looks, and fuel economy in the 50+ mpg stratosphere.   

The Prius has long been the gold standard of hybrids. But even gold carries risks, and the idea of a used hybrid with a battery going on nine model years old can be a risky proposition.  

2014 Toyota Prius specs 

The 2014 Toyota Prius is equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder and a 60-kilowatt electric motor that work together to produce 134 horsepower. The continuously variable automatic transmission helps the Prius get 51 mpg in town and 48 mpg on the highway. Gas mileage increases to 51/49 mpg with the Plug-In Hybrid, which can also travel 11 miles on electric-only power, getting 95 MPGe.  

The standard Prius uses a nickel-metal hydride battery pack, with the Plug-In model receiving a higher-capacity lithium-ion battery that can be charged from a regular 120-volt wall outlet. According to Car & Driver, both batteries carry an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty. In states with California emissions laws, that warranty stretches to 10 years/150,000 miles.  

2014 Toyota Prius features and pricing 

A blue 2014 Toyota Prius
2014 Toyota Prius | Toyota

The 2014 Toyota Prius comes standard with features like air conditioning, push-button start, auto up/down windows, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, and a tilt/telescoping steering wheel. Beyond that, you get two 12-volt power outlets, a 6.1-inch touch-screen display, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Opt for a higher trim level, and you get upgraded audio systems with Entune and navigation, heated seats, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. Plug-In Hybrids get LED headlights, which are available on other models, a heads-up display, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. There are packages like Advanced Technology and Navigation and Plus Performance, which offer features like lane assist, parking assist, and Toyota’s Pre-Collision system. Other luxury features like a power moonroof, remote start, and a sport-tuned suspension with 17-inch wheels are also available.   

How much does a used Toyota Prius cost?

Used Toyota Prius models tend to command a premium price in the used car market. Fortunately, prices have started to return to more reasonable levels. In fact, according to Kelley Blue Book, used Toyota Prius models from the 2014 model year typically start at under $15,000. Cars with higher trim levels, like the Prius Four, or that have lower mileage fall into the $15,000 to $20,000 range.    

Is a Used 2014 Toyota Prius Worth Buying?

The biggest concern with used hybrid and electric cars is the health of the battery. The battery itself will not completely fail, but its charging capacity and range performance deteriorate with age, mileage, and driving conditions. However, in the Prius’ case, the batteries seem to hold up well. In fact, Repair Pal reports that the most common power equipment issues are an inaccurate fuel gauge and problems with the multi-function display. 

Bearing all of this information in mind, buying a 2014 Toyota Prius comes with risks. That’s especially true if the vehicle is not sold with a warranty. Although, the same can be said for any used car. However, in the Prius’ case, the hybrid battery is not cheap. It costs about $2,600 at Toyota Parts Center online before labor and other expenses. 

But if it’s an affordable, fuel-efficient car that you’re after? The 2014 Toyota Prius certainly fits the bill. The key is to have the hybrid car checked out by a certified mechanic before finalizing your purchase.


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