The 2010 Volvo XC60 Is the Worst Version You Could Buy

Volvo makes some of the best luxury cars out of Europe, and the XC60 usually isn’t an exception. But of course, Volvo isn’t a perfect company, and it has made some bad model years of its best cars. Here’s a look at why the 2010 Volvo XC60 is the worst version of the XC60 that you can buy.

Why 2010 XC60 was the worst model year overall 

Volvo is well-known for making great luxury cars, but SUVs are a different ball game. The XC60 is a compact SUV that Volvo first introduced about a decade ago. The 2009 model year was the first model year of the XC60, so the 2010 model year was the second. Like many other cars, the earliest model years had the most problems, and that’s the same story with the XC60. 

As Car Complaints wrote, the 2010 model year of the XC60 was the worst model year overall. Not only that, but owners of the 2010 XC60 also complained about it the most compared to the owners of the other model years. This means that overall, the 2010 XC60 had the most problems and it also had the most severe issues. 

On top of that, Car Complaints said that Volvo issued six recalls for the 2010 XC60. Fortunately, though, all of those recalls happened in either 2009 or 2010, so those issues should not be a problem for anyone who are currently forced to drive a 2010 XC60. Still, this does mean that the other model years of the XC60 are likely better.

The worst problem on the 2010 XC60

In terms of the worst issue that 2010 XC60 owners had, Car Complaints said that it had to do with the 2010 XC60’s fuel pump failing. This was the worst issue as a handful of owners reported having this problem and, they also reported paying a lot of money for repairs. The average mileage of the 2010 XC60s that encountered this issue was about 70,000 miles, so that means that they were relatively used SUVs.

That said, one owner was more surprised by their car’s fuel pump suddenly failing than anything else. According to them, their car “gave no indicators of the problem whatsoever,” and it simply broke down one day while they were driving down the road. Other owners, however, were more surprised at the cost of repairs. The average price that owners paid for the repairs for this issue was, according to Car Complaints, about $1,600.

While that’s a lot of money to pay for repairs, at the very least, it wasn’t a very dangerous issue. Car Complaints gave it a 6.7 out of 10 for its severity, and also said that it didn’t cause any accidents or injuries. 

The other most common problem on the 2010 XC60


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While there were a lot of other smaller issues with the 2010 XC60, one that was common was the fact that the windshields wouldn’t create a tight seal for the car. What this means is that, when it’s raining or when you take the car through a car wash, water can leak through the windshields, according to some owners on Car Complaints.

Windshield issues may seem trivial, but owners on Car Complaints said that the water damage actually led to some real damage to their cars. Some owners had to pay hundreds of dollars to fix the water damage, while others just had to pay about $400 to replace the windshield. These windshield issues were happening with an average mileage of about 64,000 miles, so once again, they were relatively used Volvos. 

That said, unlike the fuel pump problem, Car Complaints filed these windshield issues in the miscellaneous category, so it’s unclear how severe these issues really were.