The 2009 Toyota Sienna Is the Good Minivan You Remember

The 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan was a popular choice in its day, and for good reason. Today, it’s still a good choice for families looking to buy a good used car to avoid financing and being in debt. This reliable minivan is still just as good as you remember. They were all over the road then and they still are now. There’s something to be said about a vehicle that was in production over ten years ago that is still seen in abundance.

a red older Toyota minivan in a mountain scene
2009 Toyota Sienna | Toyota Newsroom

Besides the obvious Toyota reputation for reliability, what makes this minivan such a great used option? It was simple compared to competitors, so it held up better over time. The 2009 Toyota Sienna is the perfect used car to get families from point A to point B in relative ease and comfort. Though it will lack many modern amenities found in the minivans of today, it will also lack the high price range we currently see across the segment.

Used car consumer reviews

On, the Toyota Sienna boasts an almost perfect score across the board. An impressive 95% of those who’ve owned a 2009 Sienna––both new and used––recommend this vehicle. Factors like comfort, value, interior design, exterior styling, reliability, and performance all play a role in making this one of the best minivans on the market.

the leather interior of a 2009 Sienna minivan
2009 Toyota Sienna XLE interior | Toyota Newsroom

Over a decade after this model hit production, the 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan is still a great choice for families looking for a used car. reports a price range of $3,075 – $12,435 for this model year of the used Toyota Sienna. US News and World Report posts the 2009 used Toyota Sienna with a price range of $7,620 – $13,168. Either way, it’s a massive break from the price of a new minivan.

In terms of consumer reviews, the 2009 Toyota Sienna has made owners happy. Comments posted as recent at 2019 are from happy owners that purchased a 2009 Sienna minivan either new or used. The only negative comment is about the van feeling a bit dated.

a front view of an older Toyota Sienna
Front exterior view of the 2009 Toyota Sienna | Toyota Newsroom

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Comments such as “Overall a fantastic minivan. All the features are functional and practical and the styling is spot on for a family vehicle. Always reliable, no issues. A great value for the money” are the norm. This is a van that you can buy with 100,000 miles on it and easily drive 100,000 more.

The 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan is a reliable used car

People also appreciate this used minivan for its available AWD, class-leading horsepower, and Toyota reliability. J.D. Power gave the 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan 5 out of 5 reliability rating. Not only was it reliable in its day, it holds up well enough to be a great car for a second or third owner, as well.

2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD
2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD | Toyota

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As good as you remember

US News and World Report ranked the 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan number one overall when it was new. Over the years this vans simplicity and rock solid reliability make a great used car. If you’d rather spend thousand on a new-to-you minivan rather than go into tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt to buy a van brand new, a 2009 model year used Toyota Sienna might be a great option.

wood detail on the dash of a 2009 Toyota Sienna minivan
Dash view of the third generation Toyota Sienna XLE | Toyota Newsroom

It’s a used car that can generally be trusted to simply get where you want to go, which is the most important thing for many families. Although others like the Kia Sedona and the Honda Odyssey had better safety scores, the 2009 Sienna was still the leader of the US News minivan caravan. It was a very nice van when it debuted, and it’s still as good as you remember.