The 2008 Toyota Yaris Is a Must-Avoid Vehicle

Buying a car is typically an exciting a momentous occasion. However, as some drivers now, the process doesn’t always go that way. Is there anything more disappointing than realizing a new car has a problem? Unfortunately, many 2008 Toyota Yaris owners found themselves in this position. Take a look at the three largest problems linked to the Yaris and why drivers will want to avoid this vehicle at all costs. 

What was one of the main problems of the 2008 Toyota Yaris? 

Many 2008 Toyota Yaris owners began to complain about problems related to the A/C and heater. Shortly after the model hit the market, drivers started reporting a bad odor being released through the A/C system. One upset driver from New York shared, “Shortly after I purchased this vehicle I noticed there was a wet/musty odor coming from the HVAC vents. On some days It smells almost like a wet dog; really foul. The odor actually gets worse when it has rained or is currently raining.”  

Many other Yaris owners testified to similar experiences while driving. Sadly, the A/C issues didn’t end there.

On top of the disastrous stench, the A/C seemed to be associated with another malfunction. Drivers began to describe sporadic squirts of water through the AC’s fans. Though on a hot day it could sound refreshing, the problem posed a serious risk for the safety of drivers everywhere.

In the winter, this issue caused many Yaris owners a significant amount of distress. The pooling up of the water in the A/C and heating system would often limit the drivers’ abilities to use and see through the windshield.

After being forced to experience the problem firsthand one driver stated, “THIS ISSUE IS SERIOUSLY DANGERS AND CAN BE LIFE-THREATENING.” What may have seemed minor at first ended up being a huge inconvenience and risk for 2008 Toyota Yaris owners. 

What other problems plagued the 2008 Toyota Yaris? 

Sadly, the 2008 Toyota Yaris proved to have quite a few problems. Electrical problems were at the root of the second leading problem Yaris owners reported. When the engine remained idle it would shut down. One upset driver wrote, “The car turned off when I stopped at a stop sign. It wouldn’t move at all and it was super embarrassing with everyone honking at me.”

This issue isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also pretty expensive. On average owners spent about $700 when seeking a solution. 

Another recurring complication drivers were experiencing had to do with the key fob. Many drivers reported needing to have their key fobs reprogrammed. Luckily, drivers only spent around $100 on average to fix this problem. Nonetheless, Yaris owners were getting sick and tired of all of the problems connected to the Yaris.

A driver from California angrily posted, “Think twice/three times about buying Toyota piece of junk.” It makes sense as to why 2008 Toyota Yaris owners were becoming increasingly frustrated.

The highest reported issue with the 2008 Toyota Yaris

Body and paint problems were at the root of the highest reported issue with the 2008 Toyota Yaris. An overwhelming amount of Yaris owners came forward complaining about the clear coat and paint peeling off the vehicle.

One bothered driver shared, “The clear coat started peeling and spot bubbling off this summer. Took [it] into Toyota yesterday and they will not cover due to [the] car being older than 3 years and 36,000 miles. This is just on the roof and not on the door frames or rear quarters yet. It looks like it is spotted or bubbling up more than just peeling away, but when washed it peels it right off.”

This is just one of the many comments and stories that showcase this huge problem. This is all without mentioning the financial aspect of this issue. On average, drivers reported spending around $1,500 to have this issue fixed. It’s no wonder this is the biggest issue connected to the 2008 Toyota Yaris.