The 10 Vehicles Everyone Wanted to Buy in November

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News
Andrew Burton/Getty Images News

After spending at least 12 hours being thankful for what they have, Americans were back out in force for Black Friday (and even Thanksgiving itself) in order to stock up on $10 waffle makers and big-screen TVs they will undoubtedly be extra-thankful for next year. In order to bring all their new stuff home, many needed to update their aging vehicles too — making for just as big a weekend at dealer showrooms as it was at your local Best Buy.

Trends that we’ve seen throughout the year remained fairly constant in November. The strength of crossover SUVs remained the common denominator, and though sedans didn’t have too terrible a month, it’s still apparent that their grasp on the market is likely limited. Nonetheless, the bulwarks of the automotive scene in North America remained true-to-form last month with few surprises.

Sales of vehicles overall grew 1.8% versus November of last year. While this is a small gain comparatively, it’s important to note that November of 2014 absolutely crushed it — Autodata Corp. calculations, per, pegged it as the best sales month of 2014 in annualized terms. It was the best month of a strong year, making it rather impressive that November 2015 was able to top it at all. In fact, it was the best November since 2001.

Trucks remain at the top of their game, and crossover SUVs also kept pace. Subcompact, compact, and midsize cars, however, saw sales dip by 8%. However, a new Honda Civic on dealer lots and a new Altima heading there soon could temporarily see an upswing in the near future — though likely not the reversal of the trend.

Without further ado, here are the 10 top-selling cars in the U.S. from November. All figures and calculations courtesy of

10. Nissan Rogue

Source: Nissan

It’s not as popular as Honda’s CR-V or Toyota’s RAV4, but Nissan’s entry in the crossover space garnered a massive 49.8% gain in sales versus November 2014 with 22,565 units sold. This leaves the Rogue up 41.4% on the year, having moved 260,711 models off the lots.

9. Toyota Corolla

Source: Toyota
Source: Toyota

While its arch-rival has recently undergone an extreme makeover, the Toyota Corolla is perhaps the most exposed to the swing away from small sedans. This was the case in November as sales fell 5.5% to 24,194 cars, leaving it up for the year by 7%, at 330,887 moved in total since January 1.

8. Honda Civic

Source: Honda

With a new model arriving at dealers throughout the month, Honda was able to move 25,050 units of the Civic, handily outperforming the Corolla. This is 8.6% better than last year’s November, and it puts the Civic in the black for the year — albeit barely, at 0.6%, with 302,588 cars sold.

7. Honda Accord

Source: Honda

Though it snagged a gain of 1.2%, the Honda Accord struggled to keep pace ahead of the exploding CUVs. Honda sold 25,566 Accords last month, despite a refreshed 2016 model rolling out to dealers (though we expect the full effect of the new car to materialize in the next month or two). Year-to-date, Honda has moved 320,501 cars, down 10.1% on the year.

6. Honda CR-V

2016 Honda CR-V
Source: Honda

The CR-V plowed through November with sales 25,931 for the month — a nearly 20% collapse when compared to November 2014. Despite the setback, the CR-V remains up 3.9% for the year, at 314,362 units sold since January 1.

5. Toyota RAV4

Source: Toyota

Lightly refreshed for 2016, the RAV4 is reminding buyers why everyone fell in love with Toyota’s crossover in the first place. Toyota sold 27,368 RAV4 models in November, a 29.7% leap versus the same month a year ago. That leaves it up 15.9% for the year, at 283,586 units moved since January.

4. Toyota Camry

Source: Toyota

America’s perennial favorite sedan maintained its lead last month, selling 30,945 units for a 7.3% leap against November 2014. This puts the Toyota Camry at 392,056 units sold since January 1, a slight decline of 1.2% year-over-year.

3. Ram Pickup

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited Crew Cab 4x4
Source: Ram

Ram’s line of pickups had a hell of a year last year, so extreme outperformance wasn’t likely for 2015. Ram remained at its usual bronze seat for November, moving 36,407 trucks, for a gain of 1.5%. Year-to-date, Ram has sold 407,981 units, for a 3.1% increase versus the same period last year.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Source: Chevrolet
Source: Chevrolet

Like so many other models here, the Chevrolet Silverado saw some hefty improvements for 2016. Though the new trucks are still hot off the production line, the excitement buoyed Silverado sales by 5.1%, to 45,001 units. This leaves the model up 13.9% on the year, at 537,552 units.

1. Ford F-Series

Source: Ford

If there was any doubt, Ford kept the crown in November, selling 65,192 F-Series trucks — a gain of 10.4% over November 2014. To date, the F-Series has moved 695,193 units, for a solid 11-month gain of 2.3% versus the same period last year.

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