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With all the different taxes and regulations out there, the cost to own a car is very different between each state. Some states have higher gas prices, other states have cheaper insurance premiums, the list goes on. GOBankingRates did a study on all 50 states and here are the 10 states where it’s the cheapest to own a car in.

10. South Dakota 

With one of the lowest sales tax rates for states that have one, South Dakota is the 10th cheapest state to own a car, according to GOBankingRates. 

South Dakota also has some very cheap gas prices, as the average price was about $2.78 per gallon. However, South Dakota does have a 4% vehicle excise tax, which does make it more expensive than the other states on this list. 

9. Virginia 

The next cheapest state to own a car in, Virginia has a slightly higher sales tax for motor vehicles than South Dakota does, but Virginia has generally cheaper car insurance premiums than South Dakota. 

Gas in Virginia is also very cheap, as the average gas prices there were about $2.64 per gallon. However, due to Virginia’s strict vehicle inspection standards, car maintenance prices are a tad higher in the state.

8. Alabama 

With one of the lowest sales tax rates for motor vehicles in the nation as well as the cheapest average price for gas at just $2.51 per gallon, Alabama is a very cheap state to own a car in.

However, the average insurance premium in Alabama is high enough that it stops Alabama from being too high on this list. 

7. New Mexico 

Despite having a 3% excise tax and relatively average costs for maintenance, gas, and insurance, New Mexico is far from average when it comes to how cheap it is to own a car there.

That’s largely due to the fact that New Mexico has the second-lowest sales tax rate for motor vehicles at just 3%. 

6. Oklahoma 

Like New Mexico, Oklahoma has an approximately 3% excise tax as well as average gas and insurance prices.

However, unlike most other states, Oklahoma has the lowest sales tax of any states that has a sales tax at just 1.25%. Oklahoma also has some cheaper than average maintenance costs.

5. Oregon 

Oregon is a state with no sales taxes at all, and that’s primarily why it’s so high on this list. However, what stops Oregon from being cheaper is that it has some very expensive gas, as the average was about $3.43 per gallon according to GOBankingRates. 

Oregon also has some hefty vehicle registration fees, and that drives up the cost to own a car there. 

4. South Carolina

There isn’t necessarily a sales tax in South Carolina for cars, but there is an infrastructure maintenance fee. However, that fee maxes out at just $500.

Because of that and the cheap gas prices of just $2.54 per gallon, South Carolina edges ahead of Oregon in this race.

3. Alaska 

Like Oregon, Alaska has no sales tax, and that’s why it’s one of the cheapest states to own a car in. However, like Oregon, Alaska has pretty expensive gas prices at $3.43 per gallon as well as some high vehicle registration fees. 

Unlike Oregon though, Alaska does have some extremely cheap insurance premiums.

2. Montana 

With no sales taxes and cheaper than average insurance premiums, Montana is the runner-up on this list. Its slightly above-average gas prices of about $2.86 per gallon do stop it from being first, though.

1. New Hampshire 

The cheapest state to own a car according to GOBankingRates is New Hampshire. What allows New Hampshire to take the cake is that it has low costs all around.

New Hampshire has no sales tax, lower than average gas prices at about $2.77 per gallon, and generally cheap insurance and maintenance costs. All of these combined allow New Hampshire to be the cheapest state to own a car in.