The 10 Cars Everyone Wanted to Buy in June

Source: Ford

Good times are here for the automotive industry, as sales grew 3.9% in June, continuing the overall upward trend on the year. And while the old stalwarts still dominated sales last month, there were signs that change may be coming slowly but surely to the market.

While overall sales are up, six of the top 10 best-sellers had a down month, with the Honda Accord dropping a whopping 15.9% compared to sales in June 2014. The biggest surprise was the Hyundai Elantra, which benefitted from a big bump in June, rising six spots to knock the Ford Fusion out of the No. 10 spot. And while the old sales bastions (Ford F-150, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic) all comfortably remain among America’s favorite cars, slower sales of nearly every model in the top ten led to an interesting reshuffling of the deck.

From newcomers to the titans of the industry, here are the top 10 best-selling cars of June 2015.

10. Hyundai Elantra

Source: Hyundai

The Elantra is new to the dance, and replaces the Ford Fusion in the No. 10 spot. Despite experiencing a brand-wide sales slump, Hyundai made some serious headway in June, with buyers taking 26,613 compact Elantras home. With a 3,000-car sales increase over May (where it ranked 16 on the list), it looks like Americans are finally beginning to recognize Hyundai as one of the big guns.

9. Honda Accord

Source: Honda

A mainstay of the top 10, the Accord is one of the best midsize sedans on the market, and 27,477 buyers agreed last month, where it held on to the nine spot from May. Despite a drop in sales of nearly 5,000 cars compared to the previous month, the Accord is in no danger of tanking – buyers have already taken home 155,746 of them this year.

8. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V
Source: Honda

Toyota may rule the roost with its car sales, but Honda has the ever-expanding crossover segment locked down with its CR-V. Honda’s mid-size crossover benefited from a comprehensive face-lift for 2015, and buyers are responding in droves. Despite sales slipping a bit from May, 28,349 buyers were enough to keep it in the top 10 for the 10th consecutive month.

7. Honda Civic

Source: Honda
Source: Honda

The CR-V and the Civic switched places for June, with the ever-popular Civic edging out Honda’s crossover by just a few hundred cars. With 28,727 Civics leaving Honda lots, Civic sales show no sign of slowing down, even as an all-new model is on the way for 2016.

6. Nissan Altima

Source: Nissan

The Altima is Nissan’s best-selling offering in the U.S., and delivers a sportier alternative to competitors like the Accord and the Camry. The Nissan held onto its No. 6 spot for June, with buyers taking home 29,418 Altimas, bringing up total sales to 172,031 on the year.

5. Toyota Corolla

Source: Toyota
Source: Toyota

While the Civic’s sporty looks make it the more exciting alternative in the compact sedan marketplace, Toyota’s compact sedan comfortably topped its Honda foe in June with 30,645 cars sold. Still, sales were down nearly 6,000 cars from May, forcing it to drop down from the No. 4 spot.

4. Ram Pickup

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited Crew Cab 4x4
Source: Ram

In what could be the biggest surprise of the month, Ram sales slipped nearly 6,000 units, dropping it down to fourth, and allowing the Toyota Camry to crack the top three. Still, Ram didn’t exactly embarrass itself, selling 33,332 pickups in June alone.

3. Toyota Camry

Source: Toyota

America’s best-selling sedan since 1996 had a banner month in June, knocking the Ram full-size pickup line out of third place and selling an impressive 37,408 cars in just 30 days. Despite its prime real estate, don’t expect Ram to give up without a fight. We wouldn’t be surprised if it lands back in fourth in July.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

15 silverado
Source: Chevrolet

The gap between third and second place is enormous, and the Chevy Silverado all but owns it. Buyers took home 51,548 Chevy trucks last month, and while Ford still healthily outsells its chief rival, General Motors’s combined full-size truck sales (Silverado and GMC Sierra) dwarf the Blue Oval’s with a whopping 70,166 units sold.

1. Ford F-150

Source: Ford

America’s best-selling truck for 34 years performed as expected in June. Despite being temporarily hampered by a frame shortage, America’s love affair with Ford’s full-size truck hasn’t diminished at all, with buyers taking home 55,171 F-150s in June alone.

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