The 10 Car Brands People Are Most Satisfied With (and 10 They Aren’t)

Looks and performance are nice, but one of the most important qualities people want from car brands is satisfaction. After all, customers want reliable vehicles they don’t have to worry about. You can have the nicest car on the block, but if it’s a trouble-prone headache, chances are you won’t be very satisfied with it and probably not very loyal to that brand. Thanks to research by Consumer Reports, we know that people are extremely satisfied (and not satisfied) owning these 10 car brands.

Car brands with the least-satisfied customers

We’ll encounter plenty of eye-openers along the way, including the surprising top two car brands people are most satisfied with, but first, let’s look at the least satisfying car brands out there. In the case of ties in both categories, we list the car brands based on their ranking from the previous Consumer Reports data, taking into account the biggest moves up and down.

10. Jeep

most- and least-satisfying car brands
Overall, people are very satisfied with their Jeep vehicles. | Jeep

Satisfaction percentage: 68%

Believe it or not, Jeep improved its standing from the previous Consumer Reports rankings. However, the change is due as much to other car brands dropping down the list as the company’s four-spot jump. Jeep and dependability are two words that rarely go together, which is why it remains one of the car brands people are least satisfied with.

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9. Volkswagen

Volkswagen, car brands
Volkswagen is recovering from a big corporate scandal. | Volkswagen

Satisfaction percentage: 67%

Volkswagen is still recovering from the black eye of the Dieselgate scandal in which it rigged diesel cars to get around emissions standards. Yet it still moved up one spot from the previous rankings with it 67% satisfaction rate. The company is heading in the right direction, but it needs to win over more North American customers if it wants to keep improving.

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8. Mercedes-Benz

2018 Mercedes AMG G65
Mercedes-Benz’s slipping satisfaction is probably just a blip on the radar. | Mercedes-Benz

Satisfaction percentage: 67%

With its 67% satisfaction, Mercedes-Benz fell three spots from its previous ranking. We’re guessing it’s just a blip on the radar, though. M-B has been around for 100 years as an automotive pioneer, so it must be doing something right.

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7. Hyundai

Shot of 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe driving on winding road
People love Hyundai’s safety, but they still aren’t satisfied with the overall product. | Hyundai

Satisfaction percentage: 67%

Hyundai’s safety rankings are nothing to scoff at, but it doesn’t translate to satisfied customers. Once No. 13 on the Consumer Reports rankings, Hyundai dropped 11 spots with its 67% satisfied customers.

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6. Buick

View of man holding tablet while leaning on 2017 Buick LaCrosse
How long will Buick survive with low satisfaction ratings? | Buick

Satisfaction percentage: 66%

Buick is a classic American car brand, but how much longer will it survive? Customers aren’t satisfied with their Buicks, and they’re not loyal, either. According to Edmunds research, just 29% of customers trade in a Buick and buy another, which is a 6% drop from 2007.

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5. Cadillac

Front three-quarter view of silver Cadillac CTS from 2017 model year
Consumers aren’t satisfied with what Cadillac has to offer. | General Motors

Satisfaction percentage: 64%

Remember how we said how reliability and dependability are important qualities for car brands? Well, Cadillac is one of the least dependable automakers around, which helps explain how it has just a 64% satisfaction rating among consumers. According to Edmunds, only 31% of Cadillac drivers would trade in their current model for a new one, which is a 12% decrease from 2007.

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4. Infiniti

Infiniti SUV/crossover
Infiniti makes well-received, quality cars, but people aren’t satisfied with them. | Infiniti

Satisfaction percentage: 60%

The high-powered Q50 sports sedan is one of NBA star Stephen Curry’s luxury vehicles, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with the cars in the Infiniti lineup. But for some reason, it achieves just 60% satisfaction per Consumer Reports, which is something of a head-scratcher if you ask us.

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3. Mitsubishi

Misuibishi Mirage
The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the worst-rated cars of all time. | Mitsubishi

Satisfaction percentage: 58%

Mitsubishi is one of the worst car brands for overall customer satisfaction, and we can’t say we’re surprised. After all, two of its models — the Mirage and the 2001 Montero SUV — are two of the worst cars ever tested by Consumer Reports, a group that dates to 1936. That’s not a good thing for the car company, and the satisfaction rate proves it.

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2. Nissan

VIew of 2014 Nissan Versa in blue on a country road
No one really likes the Nissan Versa or the company that makes it. | Nissan

Satisfaction percentage: 58%

The only thing keeping Nissan from the bottom of the pile is the fact that its 58% satisfaction rate only dropped it one spot. All in all, it’s not too shocking to see this automaker this far down the worst list. People ditch Nissan’s Versa sedan and Versa Note hatchback just a year into ownership, which indicates larger satisfaction problems at the company.

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1. Acura

Acura TL sedan '10
Customers are less and less impressed with Acura’s offerings. | Acura

Satisfaction percentage: 58%

Among the major car brands, Acura brings up the rear in the Consumer Reports satisfaction rankings. Its 58% satisfaction percentage represents a sizable decline that dropped it four spots in the standings.

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Car brands customers are most satisfied with

We’ve covered the 10 car brands that have trouble keeping customers satisfied. Now, let’s look at the 10 that are getting the job done.

10. Honda

Passenger-side front three-quarter view of 2006 Honda Civic
Customers are still satisfied with their Hondas, but not as much as you might think. | Honda

Satisfaction percentage: 75%

The Honda Civic is one of the best-selling cars of all time, and the company makes several models that go 300,000 miles and beyond. So we figured we’d see Honda a little bit closer to the top of the rankings. Still, 75% satisfaction isn’t too shabby even though it dropped from three spots in the Consumer Reports rankings.

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9. Lincoln

Lincoln, car brands
The restyled Continental is one reason Lincoln has satisfied customers. | Lincoln

Satisfaction percentage: 75%

All those Matthew McConaughey commercials must be paying off for Lincoln. The restyled Continental and the other offerings helped the company achieve 75% satisfaction and move up two spots into the top 10 in the Consumer Reports rankings.

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8. Toyota

Toyota Corolla
Toyota — reliable cars and satisfied customers. | Toyota

Satisfaction percentage: 76%

Reliability can breed satisfaction and loyalty, and Toyota has some of the most reliable cars on the road. Even though the Japanese automaker dropped three spots to No. 8, it’s 76% rating shows it’s one of the car brands people are most loyal to.

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7. Subaru

View of Subaru Outback on the beach at sunrise
Subaru’s safe cars that are fun to drive make it one of the car brands with the most satisfied customers. | Subaru

Satisfaction percentage: 76%

Subaru’s vehicles, and especially its SUVs, are some of the safest cars on the road. Plus, the Outback crossover is probably one of the most fun daily driver vehicles you’re going to find. When you add safety and fun together, the result is 76% satisfaction and one of the car brands people remain loyal to, even though it dropped three spots per Consumer Reports.

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6. Audi

car brands
Aside from some electrical problems, people are very satisfied with their Audis. | Audi

Satisfaction percentage: 76%

Like Subaru and Toyota, the car brands we just discussed, Audi checks in with 76% satisfaction among customers. We bump it ahead of the other two since it lost just two spots from the previous list. Older Audi cars are prone to expensive electrical problems, which can cost owners a fortune to keep the cars running, but aside from that, drivers love their Audis.

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5. Mazda

Mazda CX-9
The Mazda CX-9, and the other CX vehicles, are great values for the money and make for happy customers. | Mazda

Satisfaction percentage: 76%

Mazda has the same satisfaction rate as Audi, Subaru, and Toyota, but it was the only one in that group to have a satisfaction jump, which is why we rate it higher. The fact it’s moving up makes sense. Its CX line of SUVs are some of the best for your money, and the fun-to-drive Miata converts even the stodgiest drivers into Mazda fans.

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4. Chrysler

Chrysler Sebring
Even though it’s produced some duds, Chrysler still has some satisfied customers. | Chrysler

Satisfaction percentage: 78%

Even though models such as the loathed Chrysler 200 are some of the Fiat-Chrysler cars no one misses, the company is apparently over the hurdle when it comes to pleasing customers. Case in point — the 78% satisfaction helped Chrysler move up four spots and into the top five in the satisfaction ratings.

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3. Genesis

Genesis G80
Hyundai spun Genesis off into its own car brand, one with lots of happy drivers. | Genesis

Satisfaction percentage: 81%

Hyundai was one of the car brands with the least satisfied customers, but its Genesis luxury imprint is on the other side of the coin. Hyundai spun Genesis off on its own at the end of 2015, and it’s one of the automakers with the highest satisfaction rating among its customers.

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2. Porsche

2017 Porsche Macan | Porsche
Porsches, such as the Macan, can be expensive, but apparently, they’re worth it. | Porsche

Satisfaction percentage: 85%

Most Porsches don’t come cheap, but unless you’re buying the waste of money Cayenne, you’re probably going to be happy with your purchase. A full 85% of customers love their Stuttgart, Germany-borne cars for the driving experience, comfort, value, and styling.

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1. Tesla

The Tesla Model S electric car during the the second press preview day at the 2010 North American International Auto Show January 12, 2010 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.
Outside issues don’t affect how much people love their Teslas. | Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Satisfaction percentage: 90%

Even though CEO Elon Musk can’t stop sending terrible tweets and the company has some production and autopilot issues, Tesla still has the most satisfied customers. The company is at the other end of the spectrum from the least liked companies, and it can proudly say 90% of its customers are extremely satisfied with their cars, no matter the model.

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