The 10 Best-Selling Vehicles of 2014 Thus Far

Source: Honda
Source: Honda

We’re well into the 2014 calendar year, and auto sales data is starting to roll in. While there are few surprises on the list, the numbers do provide some valuable insight into consumer habits for manufacturers to consider going into the future. The big names are present, including Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota. There is a solid mix of consumer cars, trucks and even some SUVs, indicating the varying tastes and trends across sales segments as well.

Our list comes courtesy of the folks at Kelley Blue Book, who supplied the top ten. Wall St. Cheat Sheet has supplemented KBB‘s figures with our own sales data to ensure accuracy. The figures are accurate through the month of July, meaning there’s plenty of time for reshuffling as the year goes on. It’s noted that there are more than 250 vehicles currently available on the market, but the models on the top ten list represent more than 25 percent of all sales.

Here are the top ten best-selling vehicles of 2014 so far.

Source: Honda

10. Honda CR-V

Starting the list off at number ten is Honda’s popular CR-V compact crossover, with total sales of more than 183,000 for the year to date. Consumers are attracted to the CR-V’s incredible versatility and capability, as well as its high resale value. It’s ideal for families, but can also be used as a commuter vehicle as well. So far, sales peaked in May when more than 32,000 CR-Vs left dealer lots, but the winter months coming up may have shoppers picking up more SUVs.

Justin Lloyd-Miller/Wall St. Cheat Sheet

9. Ford Fusion

Ford certainly has found a hit with its Fusion sedan, which offers a formidable competitor to similar vehicles from Nissan (NSANY.PK), Toyota, and Honda. The Fusion has seen steady sales all year, with 189,440 units having moved thus far. Again, more Fusions sold in May than in any other month so far this year, as the summer sales season kicked off. The Fusion offers very good gas mileage and a pleasing design, propelling it up the best-sellers list.

Source: Honda

8. Honda Civic

It’s hard to combat the Civic’s popularity. A quick glance around nearly any town in America will probably bring a Civic into your field of vision, and thanks to its high reliability and resale value, people keep buying them. The Civic also offers incredible fuel economy at a very reasonable price, making it a mainstay on the top-seller’s list. For 2014, 197,405 units have been moved by dealers, with plenty of opportunity to sell more in coming months.

Nissan Altima
Source: Nissan

7. Nissan Altima

Another Japanese sedan that has taken the top-seller list by storm, Nissan’s Altima has had an impressive year by beating out the popular Honda Civic. Although it doesn’t quite crack the top five, there’s still time to do some damage. So far, 203,107 Altima models have been moved off dealer lots across the country. Despite its placement in an incredibly competitive sedan segment, the Altima is proving it can hold its own.

2014 Corolla
Source: Toyota

6. Toyota Corolla

Toyota’s Corolla has gone head to head with the Civic for many years, and so far in 2014, it’s beating it out in terms of sales. A bit more than 205,000 Corollas have been sold this year, with May, June and July being the best months. A recent redesign has spurred on sales, as new aesthetics and augmented interior features have pushed purchases throughout the year. It also checks in with the lowest starting price on the list.

Source: Honda

5. Honda Accord

Accord sales have been nothing short of impressive so far this year, with numbers topping 220,000. Much like its younger brother the Civic, the Accord has a very valuable name that get customer’s blood pumping. Nearly 40,000 Accord units were sold in May alone, and during July, another 35,000 were moved. The Accord has been a best-seller in the sedan segment for a long, long time, and it doesn’t appear this year will see a dramatic change from that narrative.

Source: Ram

4. Ram 1500

The first pickup to appear on the list, the Ram 1500 has seen an impressive start to 2014 with sales of just under 240,000. Since a recent redesign and the spinning out of the Ram brand out from under the Dodge label, the Ram truck line has really picked up a lot of momentum among customers. Shoppers got an early jump on the Ram this spring, as March has so far been the biggest month in terms of sales with more than 42,500.

Source: Toyota

3. Toyota Camry

Another immensely popular Toyota sedan, the Camry has put all of its competitors firmly in their place. Camry sales have been eyebrow-raising so far this year, handily smashing sales of the Civic, Altima and Accord with 262,428 in sales so far. Like the other sedans on the list, the Camry is highly reliable and maintains a high resale value — both highly attractive to customers. Another car that had a huge sales boost in May, dealers moved nearly 50,000 models during that month alone.

Source: Chevrolet

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet has had an incredibly tough year, and the Silverado is the only vehicle manufactured by any General Motors brand to even crack the top ten. But the Silverado has not seen a slow-down in sales, as it is the second-best selling vehicle across all segments this year. Just under 283,000 Silverado trucks have been brought home by new owners this year, another clear sign that Americans love their pickup trucks. Of course, the Silverado’s new redesign has definitely helped spur on sales.

Source: Ford

1. Ford F-150

No surprises can be found at the top of the list, as the long-time best-seller still reigns supreme. Ford’s F-150 pickup has outsold every other vehicle in America by a huge margin, with sales of nearly 430,000 vehicles reported by dealers so far this year. With the exception of January and February, more than 60,000 F-150 trucks have been sold every month, and the coming months are likely to bring another strong surge in sales.