The 1 Feature Drivers Hated Most in the 2016 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has had more than its share of transmission problems, but there’s one other issue that consumers hate even more, and that’s a messed up radio. 

It’s easy to see why everyone would be so upset. The radio is probably one of the most sacred instruments in a vehicle. It plays our favorite music, controls our moods, and provides us with news about the day. Trying to change the station can result in an argument. Yet bonding with a loved one over your favorite song can result in some really epic karaoke moments.

So what happens when an automaker like Ford installs not one faulty radio, but thousands in the 2016 Ford Escape? Consumers swarmed to Car Complaints to spread the word. 

What the critics have to say

The 2016 Ford Escape at the Washington Auto Show
2016 Ford Escape | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Edmunds actually referred to the 2016 Escape as one of its favorite small crossover vehicles, so it’s not all bad. In fact, it has several favorable reviews. Some of the features that impressed Edmunds was the strong engine, great fuel economy, agile handling while driving, and comfortable seats. 

Motor Trend wasn’t quite so impressed. While the review wasn’t terrible, Motor Trend reports that drivers will hate the bumpy ride and an interior build that is inconsistent to say the least. 

Standard features

According to, some of the standard features include a 168-hp 2.5L Duratec engine. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic w/OD and auto-manual. The Ford Escape also has some great safety features like brake assistance, side-impact bars, four-wheel ABS brakes, and seven air bags.

Ford also upgraded the Escape’s infotainment system to the SYNC 3. 

Other issues that drivers had

The 2016 model really doesn’t have that many complaints against it. There are 29 complaints revolving around a transmission that shudders. Other complaints revolving around the transmission include clunks while shifting and slipping. 

Other drivers were less than pleased with the engine. The engine light kept coming on for five drivers, and others reported that it stalled while driving.

There was a recall on the 2016 model, according to U.S. News, and it had to do with the drivers side knee airbag. It doesn’t always inflate, which can prove to be deadly in a wreck. 

What drivers hate the most

Out of all the problems the 2016 Ford Escape has, the radio has to be the most hated. It’s a standard feature that is installed on every vehicle, so most consumers couldn’t understand what the issue was. 

It appears to have started when Ford switched over to the SYNC 3 infotainment system, but most drivers don’t care about the why. They just want their radio to work.

One driver said, “Darn it!!!! Again with the radio fading in and out, going black, spinning round and round, changing stations!!! Again at the shop for a week all to say its repaired!!!! IT IS NOT REPAIRED!!! WE ARE REALLY SICK OF IT!!!! Why is it so hard to fix it? They have had our car longer than we have!!! That was another 4 days!!!!!”

Another driver stated, “The radio on the vehicle does not come on when started randomly. You can reach over and manually turn on the radio. Ford is aware of the situation but does not have software to fix the problem yet. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about making payments on a vehicle with no fix for this.”

While Ford may have been aware of the situation, not all dealerships were willing to fess up to it. One driver went so far as to make a video of what the radio was doing, but the dealership still denied that there was a problem. 

Overall, the Ford Escape has decent enough reviews, and most drivers seem satisfied with its performance in spite of issues with the radio.