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Whether you want to do some light towing or daily driving, the Nissan Titan is a great pickup truck. Available in many impressive trims, this vehicle can tow almost 10,000 pounds and has a reputation for one of the smoothest drives of any pickup.

The Nissan Titan hasn’t received as many complaints as some of its competitors, but buyers still need to consider some issues before purchasing this truck. According to CarComplaints, there’s one issue that plagues the Nissan Titan regardless of its model year.

The Nissan Titan’s drivetrain problems

The truck’s powertrain has caused drivers a lot of grief over the years. These issues were most prevalent in the 2004 edition, which is considered the worst model year for the Nissan Titan due to the high volume of complaints. No recalls were issued for this model year regarding the drivetrain.

Drivers experienced a number of issues including leaks in the rear components, failing differentials, and a heavy clunking noise while trying to reverse the truck. In a few cases, the rear axles broke while the car was moving at high speeds, causing some crashes. Thankfully, no fatalities were reported.

The Nissan Titan’s faulty brakes

Another issue with the 2004 model year involved brake malfunctions. Many reported that their Nissan Titan’s brake pedals felt too soft and a loud grinding sound could be heard while bringing the truck to a light halt. Some drivers had to replace the brakes multiple times.

Others reported that their front brake rotors gradually warped, which caused excessive vibration while braking. In a few cases, the 2004 Nissan Titan failed to brake altogether, resulting in minor crashes. When serviced, most auto shops determined that the cause was a malfunction in the computer system. No recalls were issued for the brakes that year.

The Nissan Titan’s rear differential failure

The rear differential was the biggest problem area in the 2004 model year’s drivetrain. It was most common on trims with the 5.6-liter V8 engine. Drivers heard a low clunking or a loud explosion before the rear wheels locked up completely.

On average, Nissan Titan drivers spent over $2,000 to fix this issue. In most cases, an entirely new gear set was needed. Nissan never offered to cover the repairs for any of the reported incidents.

Rear-axle failure and leaks

The 2005 Nissan Titan also had many complaints. The drivetrain problems were still an issue, along with engine problems, unreliable brakes, and even suspension problems. The most common problem in the 2005 model year involved the failure of the rear axle.

Drivers said they experienced no warning before failures occurred. Nissan never issued any recalls over this issue, but some Titan drivers felt it may have been the result of a bad axle assembly. To replace the rear axle, most drivers had to pay upwards of $3,000.

Drivers reported fewer problems in the next model year, but Nissan still hadn’t addressed the issues with the drivetrain. In 2006 models, the rear axle was prone to leaking fluid. In some cases, drivers had to replace their truck’s axle seal and shaft, costing up to $2,300 altogether.

Things improved for the Titan in 2007 and the following years. There was a surge of drivetrain and transmission problems in 2008, but trucks made after this year received few complaints. The 2019 Nissan Titan released last year and has received only one major complaint in regard to the fuel system. In the 2018 model year, only five instances of drivetrain problems were reported.