The 1 Biggest Reason You Might Want to Avoid Buying a Used Ram 2500

A regular-sized pickup is great for daily driving, off-roading, and regular light towing jobs. If the job requires more power, you’re better off with a heavy-duty model. Many truck drivers love the Ram 2500 because of its durability and high towing capacity. When properly equipped, it can tow up to 15,000 pounds.

While it’s not as beefy as the Ram 3500, it’s a nice middle-of-the-road option. However, it’s also right in the middle in terms of Ram truck complaints. Things have vastly improved beyond the 2016 model year, but buying an earlier model could mean more problems. Here’s why it might be better to buy a new Ram 2500 instead of a used one.

Steering problems

The 2015 RAM 2500 Longhorn on display at the Annual Chicago Auto Show
An older RAM 2500 model | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The truck’s debut year wasn’t very impressive. The truck was prone to steering problems that led to at least two crashes. Drivers reported that the steering was all over the place and they had a hard time controlling the vehicle.

This problem would also cause the truck to shake when going over bumps on the pavement. Fixing the truck’s alignment seemed to improve the issue, but not entirely. Despite having their trucks serviced multiple times, most dealers couldn’t find a solution to the problem. The 2012 model is also prone to suspension and electrical issues.

2013 Ram 2500 problems

CarComplaints named 2013 as the worst model year for the Ram 2500. This was due to the severity of the death wobble, a problem that plagues many popular trucks. The truck’s front end would start to shake after just 30,000 miles.

Many drivers had to pay upwards of $2,000 to have their trucks serviced. Even then, the problem would occur again after only a few thousand miles. Thankfully, the truck’s warranty covered some of the repair costs.

2014-2016 Ram 2500 issues

In 2014, a knocking engine was also a problem for some drivers. In most cases, the engine would fail after a certain period of time and need to be replaced. These unlucky customers ended up paying around $5,000 for a new engine.

2015 wasn’t much better with just as many complaints reported as 2012. Some reported that the truck felt very unstable when going at high speeds. The clunking and shaking was so severe that most drivers didn’t feel safe driving the truck. A permanent solution to this problem has yet to be found.

2016 was a relatively better year, but some severe problems were still reported. The truck’s engine was prone to stuttering or losing power completely. There were also instances where it would surge forward after the driver stepped on the brakes.

How to protect yourself when shopping used

When buying any used truck, it’s important to be aware of these issues beforehand. A car’s problems are not always apparent even with a visual inspection. Always ask for a car’s vehicle history report before you commit to buying. This will give you a complete overview of any repairs or crashes the truck has experienced. If possible, you should also test-drive the truck to see how it handles for yourself.

While these repair horror stories are alarming, it’s important to remember that these are few and far between. Compared to its rivals, the Ram 2500 has fewer complaints than most of the competition. You’ll also be able to get a better deal when you buy a used pickup.

However, this may mean you’ll be stuck paying for an eventual costly repair. A used Ram 2500 can either be a great bargain or a major headache. Just be sure to always buy through a reputable dealer and verify that any existing problems have been fixed.