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If we weren’t already seeing enough senseless violence and aggression in the world these days between Russia and mass shootings, a Texas driver saw fit to “roll coal” as it passed a cyclist on the road. If you aren’t hip to the diesel truck past time of rolling coal, it’s when diesel drivers accelerate quickly, causing a sinister cloud of ink-black smoke to billow from its exhaust. Proud of his bullying, the Texan posted a video of his antics on Facebook. It did not have the desired effect. 

diesel truck exhaust rolling coal
Pollution From Diesel Exhaust | BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images

Why does this guy blow diesel smoke at cyclists? 

Who knows why anyone does any of the senseless acts of aggression we so steadily see plastered on the internet? According to CarScoops, the truck driver has allegedly been outed on Facebook by North Texas cycling enthusiasts as a guy named Kevin Soucie. 

In the video, Kevin Soucie says, “Oh my God! A cyclist!” as he passes the biker, completely enveloping them in a thick cloud of toxic smoke. He films the biker in the side-view mirror from the driver’s seat. 

The biking group on Facebook has organized and is calling for a boycott of the custom car shop called Turn 5 Fabrication that he reportedly works at and might potentially own. 

Why did the diesel truck driver post the video? 

Diesel truck rolling coal
Diesel truck rolling coal | Getty Images Eventpress Herrmann

The internet gives everyone an audience. No matter how heinous an act is, there is always someone within the depths of the internet that will praise it. Kevin Soucie allegedly posted his video to the Facebook group “McKinney Uncensored.” The video has since been removed or made private on that group, but not before it was shared across the web, including on TikTok. 

When approached by a local news outlet, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Kevin Soucie did not deny driving the diesel truck in the video. Instead of denying or apologizing, Soucie cites “cancel culture” as the real perpetrator. He says he was aggravated to learn that someone’s personal actions could affect where a person works. Of course, we know that people’s personal actions affect their jobs all the time. 

When asked by the local paper if he owned Turn 5 Fabrication, he answered, “yes and no.” Despite his lack of clarity on his ownership of the company, cyclists have flocked to warn others of Kevin Soucie’s driving habits and character. Some cyclists are posting reviews on the shop’s site claiming the “owner posts videos of himself endangering cyclists on the road.” 

Is rolling coal actually dangerous for cyclists? 

Considering that the thick black smoke is poisonous and can obscure a cyclist’s vision, it’s easy to see how this could get dangerous quickly. In September 2021, a sixteen-year-old Texan hit six cyclists while attempting to coal roll them in his diesel pickup truck. Thankfully, there were no fatalities, but some of them required neck and back surgery as a result of the incident.

According to all available evidence and testimony, Kevin Soucie was the transgressor yet still believes that being held accountable for his threatening actions makes him the victim here.


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