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We’ve been enjoying our time in the Genesis GV70. We’ve been taking it on various surfaces, such as old beat-up mountain roads, smooth downtown streets, and gravel paths, to fully test it. Overall, were impressed by the comfort and poise the 2022 Genesis GV70 provides as a daily driver. 

Is the 2022 Genesis GV70 a good daily driver? 

2022 Genesis GV70 review
2022 Genesis GV70 | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Yes, the 2022 Genesis GV70 is perfect for daily commutes and longer trips. It provides a comfortable ride, a high-quality interior, an athletic performance, and can even go off-roading a little bit. 

You don’t have to spring for the large engine to have fun. The standard turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine cranks out 300 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque. It provides an excellent acceleration for the class. 

Plus, you can use Sport Mode to adjust the suspension and response times for a more engaging ride. Use the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters for even more control. The massive leather seats provide plenty of bolstering to hold you in place. 

Our only gripe is that the GV70 can be slow to downshift at times, and there is a tiny bit of body roll-around curves. 

How comfortable is the GV70? 

The 2022 Genesis GV70 emphasizes driver and passenger comfort. You can use the Quiet Mode to relax after a long day and even use the sounds of nature app to provide a soothing atmosphere. 

Are you stuck in traffic or relaxing by the beach with the sound of crashing waves? Open the large panoramic sunroof to let natural light and fresh air in too. 

The Genesis has a pretty smooth ride over most surfaces. It has a peaceful interior, but wind and road noise may be noticeable at highway speeds. On a positive note, you can occasionally hear a deep engine roar. 

Plus, it’s great for each season. Right now, in North Carolina, it’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoons. But the heated seats and steering wheel are fast and warm. Also, the ventilated seats provide instant relief. 

We tested the Advanced trim with premium leather upholstery. The massive leather seats are well-padded and supportive with an energizing ergonomic design. Plus, the soft leather-wrapped steering wheel is elegant and inviting. 

Does the Genesis GV70 have good tech? 

2023 GV70 interior in wine color
2022 Genesis GV70 interior | Genesis

The 2022 Genesis GV70 is loaded with helpful modern features. It will alert you when the car ahead of you pulls forward, preventing you from sitting too long and getting honked at. 

We were impressed by the voice recognition system and the adaptive cruise control system. It maintains the perfect speed while keeping the right amount of distance from other vehicles. 

The automatic headlights light up the darkness and quickly adapt to changing situations. Plus, the ambient interior lighting is easy to customize. We always set the colors to pink. 

A wireless phone charger comes standard, along with a 14.5-inch infotainment display. It works quickly, but we wish it came with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

The 360-degree camera display is a little blurry, but it’s helpful for navigating through tight areas. Plus, the parking sensors add another layer of convenience without being too sensitive. We also enjoyed the automated parking feature and used it to pull in and out of a ton of spaces. 

The Genesis GV70 provides tons of value as a fun and comfortable daily driver. You don’t need the higher-level trims for an athletic and luxurious SUV.


The 2022 Genesis GV70 Has 5 Things You Need to Know