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There is a lot of controversy over Tesla’s AutoPilot and Full Self Driving systems, or FSD, and this is part of the issue. But the other part is Twilight Zone stuff. Five Tesla sedans have crashed at the same spot on this California road.

Right now Tesla is testing the Beta version nine of its latest FSD. The latest report of an accident comes from a 2020 Model X Long Range Plus driving down a curved road. It crashed into a small boulder, having failed to negotiate a turn. It did not follow the curve of the road and instead kept driving straight until it collided with the boulder. 

Five Teslas have crashed at this same spot in Yosemite Park

Tesla FSD crash site in Yosemite
Tesla FSD crash site in Yosemite | Reddit

The Tesla’s owner BBFLG started a post with multiple pictures of the accident on Reddit. He says he did this to get Tesla to improve its FSD technology. But the spooky part is that he says five Teslas have crashed at this very spot. It’s like a Bermuda Triangle zone for Tesla’s AutoPilot. 

All of this has been confirmed by California rangers according to the postings. Also, a tow truck driver has concurred, as he has hooked other Teslas at the same location. The Tesla owner says he was traveling at 25 mph at the time of the crash.

 “Hands on wheel, eyes on road, vehicle just wanted to keep going straight,” said BBFLG on Reddit. “It barely followed the curve at the last minute and even with hands on the wheel, there was no way I could stop or turn as it entered a gravel-covered area.”

The driver wasn’t able to get back control from the Tesla FSD

Tesla FSD crash aftermath in Yosemite
Tesla FSD crash in Yosemite | Reddit

The only thing is that Tesla’s FSD is defeated the instant you barely move the steering wheel. So we wonder how he wasn’t able to wrest control from AutoPilot and steer the car away from the boulder? Did he wait too long to try and avoid the crash hoping the FSD would negotiate the turn until it was too late? 

Another curiosity he mentions is that the full moon that same night faked the Tesla out. It kept slowing down, interpreting it as a yellow signal light. We’ve heard of this happening to other Tesla AutoPilot owners. 

The owner is a loyal customer having previously owned two other Teslas

The dashboard of the Tesla Model S.
The dashboard of the Tesla Model S car is pictured at the electric carmaker Tesla showroom | PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images

What’s worse is that he claims to have contacted Tesla with “several calls and emails” about the accident, without the company being interested in corresponding with him. He hoped Tesla would cover the cost of the damage and provide a loaner car while his was being fixed. And, this is a loyal customer.

BBFLG has previously owned a 2016 Model S P90D and a 2016 Model X. As this keeps happening in the same spot it seems like a perfect opportunity for Tesla to study what the glitch is and correct it. 

Anyway, it is a curious situation that poses questions about AutoPilot. Should Beta versions be running out there when five Teslas crash at the same spot? What do you think?


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