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Tesla loves to put really cool features in their vehicles, and it just might be doing that with the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla’s new patent details something that has long been a rumor about Tesla’s electric truck. What exactly is in Tesla’s new patent, and what are the chances that Tesla follows through with it? Let’s take a look.

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is driving on the road.
A silver Tesla Cybertruck is driving on the road | Tesla, Inc.

Tesla’s new patent details a much-talked-about feature

A drawing of the rear seats of the Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Cybertruck patent | United States Patent and Trademark Office

Tesla’s new patent details something that people – Tesla fans especially – have long been hoping for. According to Motor 1, Twitter users were even tweeting to Elon Musk asking for the Cybertruck to have rear folding seats. That way, Tesla drivers could reach the bed of the truck, which Musk and Tesla are referring to as “the vault” because of course a Tesla can’t just have a trunk.

Tesla’s new patent indicates that the Tesla Cybertruck just might have split-folding rear seats, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This could be beneficial for those who might want to use their Cybertruck for camping. Those who often have to reach the bed of their truck may also appreciate this feature.

What does the patent say?

The patent was filed on December 21, 2021, and is good for 15 years. It states that its claim is “the ornamental design for a vehicle seats, as shown and described.” The patent is fairly brief, just 26 pages. Other than the short description detailing the point of it, there are pages and pages of drawings of seats. some of these show different viewpoints of both the front and rear seats of the Tesla Cybertruck, and they appear to show split-folding rear seats.

In addition to that, it’s notable that the seats in the Cybertruck seem to be made for Transformers. They’re angular and harsh, with lines like robot eyes. Their shape is unique and strong, much like the overall Tesla Cybertruck design.

Motor 1 says that Musk will be using the Tesla Q4 Earnings Call to discuss the Cybertruck, and it’s possible that there will be more answers about the rear seats then.

Does the possibility of rear folding seats have something to do with the Rivian R1T?

Tesla is facing one major competitor in the race to the top of electric trucks: Rivian. The Rivian R1T is just starting to be delivered to customers, and it comes with a gear tunnel in the rear seats. The back is accessible from the cabin of the R1T pickup truck.

With the Rivian R1T pickup truck having just won MotorTrend’s “Truck of the Year” award, Tesla is doing everything it can to stay competitive. The two electric pickups do share some features; they both have a quad-motor options, and they both sell their trucks directly to consumers. No middle man or dealerships get in the way, and there are service centers to deal with any problems that arise with the trucks.

There are some differences too, and the look of them is a major one. While the Cybertruck looks like something out of science-fiction, the Rivian R1T has an almost upscale look to it, separating it wildly from the Tesla Cybertruck.  

It seems that Tesla’s new patent has something that people have been hoping for, and that should give it a gentle push to catch up to – or maybe surpass – the Rivian R1T. Only time will tell just what this patent means for the Cybertruck, and how successful it will be.


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