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Part of Tesla’s appeal, or at least its intrigue, is it’s ever-evolving technology. Tesla as a company has long been at the cutting edge of tech, whether it be with the Model S or its solar panels. The Tesla Cybertruck is perhaps its most famous and interesting product, and now a new piece of revolutionary machinery is set to make it a reality. 

Tesla Cybertruck on a stage in front of a crowd of people with a blue haze.
Tesla Cybertruck | Getty Images

The Tesla Cybertruck will consist of a single exoskeleton 

The Tesla Cybertruck looks an awful lot like a spacecraft, in part thanks to its smooth silver exterior. It looks like one giant piece of sheet metal bent into a shape that could allow it to navigate the rocky terrain of the moon just as well as I-95 in New Jersey. That’s thanks to its unique design, a single exoskeleton that allows the Cybertruck to be virtually seamless. 

Of course, it’s no easy feat to produce a vehicle like this. No, to make a monstrosity of a truck like the Tesla truck requires that the electric car company evolve its technology. That means that Tesla, together with Idra, is responsible for the largest casting press ever before made. 

The new Tesla casting press will be the largest in the world 

So what do we know about the new Tesla casting press? Obviously, it’s going to be huge. It will be called Giga Press, according to Electrek. It’s not Tesla’s first Giga Press; there’s currently one in Tesla’s Fremont factory. It’s being used to make the Tesla Model Y. That has one single rear body piece, though of course this is much smaller than what the Cybertruck will consist of.

Tesla has been spending money on casting and alloy manufacturing tech in order to make some of its bigger vehicles like the Cybertruck. And while there were rumors that Idra’s largest 9,000 lb casting press would be headed for Tesla for the Cybertruck, it’s now confirmed to be true.

The Cybertruck is ‘supposed’ to begin production in late 2023

If there’s one thing that can be said about the Tesla Cybertruck, it’s that nobody is really certain when it’s going to finally make its appearance. Sure, we’ve seen a Cybertruck prototype and there are promises of production beginning in late 2023, but that’s just the most recent estimate. Manufacturing of the Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed so many times that people are starting – or maybe continuing – to doubt that the Cybertruck will become a reality by the end of 2023, if at all. 

It’s no surprise that Tesla would get the biggest casting press possible and that it would be record-breaking. The fact that it’s for the Cybertruck is also to be expected; of course Tesla would need the biggest casting press ever to make the first electric pickup truck that will look more like something from Men in Black than a car-dealership. Now, will we actually eventually see the Tesla Cybertruck since the means to make it is about to be a reality? The chances are looking better every day.


Now the Tesla Cybertruck Is Delayed Until 2023 – At Least