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Tesla’s Cybertruck materials are the stuff of science fiction. The Cybertruck is smashing through expectations of what an electric pickup can do. This powerful pickup truck is at the cutting edge. Every detail represents monumental leaps in automotive engineering. World Auto Steel lists the materials used to make the ground-breaking vehicle. 

The Cybertruck boasts a bulletproof exterior

The Cybertruck’s unique exterior has made headlines since the electric pickup’s first conceptual image was released. Elon Musk said he was inspired by science fiction when he designed the Cybertruck. The high-tech material of its exterior perfectly expresses that science-fiction inspiration.

The body of the Cybertruck is a proprietary steel alloy. Ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel is the same material that encases the SpaceX Starship.The material is resilient, withstanding dents and scratches under extreme wear. It’s solid, rust-resistant, and strong. Subsequently, the Cybertruck both safe and reliable. 

A cruelty-free interior shows Tesla’s sensitive side

Tesla Motors announced that the interior of its model 3 would be 100% vegan following feedback from buyers. Tesla customers made it clear that they expected the automaker to release cruelty-free products. As a result, Tesla designed a proprietary in-house vegan leather substitute.

Firstly, the leather material is a beautiful, supple, and durable animal-based product. The Cybertruck’s sleek black interior sacrifices nothing on Style. Secondly, interior details include a vegan alternative to suede. It’s a beuatiful juxtopostion of textures. In short, both textures of interior material are beautiful replacements for animal-based products.

Tesla’s stylish dashboard holds a sustainable surprise 

The Space X Falcon launching behind the Space X hanger in Canaveral Florida
The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket | Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Elon Musk Struggles to Keep the Tesla Cybertruck on Schedule


Every detail of the Cybertruck is striking. The steering wheel would look more at home in a space-age jet fighter than a modern pickup truck. The angular body of this vehicle is nearly otherworldly. Perhaps one of the most exciting aesthetic choices of the Cyber truck is its unique dashboard.

The white marble effect dashboard would look just as at home in a high-end home as it does in the Cyber truck. It looks like stone; however, it’s actually compressed paper. This lightweight, durable, and strong material has been showing up in more and more consumer applications. This dashboard may be the boldest departure from the traditional automotive interior that Tesla has made yet. 

That Infamous armored glass is more robust than you think

During the highly watched live stream announcement of the Tesla Cybertruck in 2019, Elon Musk put Tesla’s armored glass to the test. Famously the Cybertruck’s windows failed to perform. Tesla intended to demonstrate the material’s strength and resiliency by striking it with a steel ball thrown at high speed.

The armored glass shattered, much to everyone’s surprise. CEO Elon Musk later tweeted that an earlier demonstration involving a sledgehammer had cracked the armored glass window’s base. As a result, the window shattered unexpectedly.