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When the end of the quarter nears, sometimes things get interesting at Tesla. This quarter’s end brings some unexplained VIN numbers disappearing and more. What’s going on this time at Tesla?

The VIN for the Tesla Model Y was set for weeks, then it was gone

Aerial shot of Fremont Tesla factory
Tesla factory Fremont, CA | Getty

First the VIN numbers. Those waiting for their ordered Teslas to arrive have noticed the VIN numbers assigned to them have disappeared. Looking online for the status of their cars due soon, now the VIN associated with their account is blank. It was there for weeks, now it’s not there. 

And though the deliveries were scheduled for weeks, now buyers are seeing delivery dates pushed out to September in many cases. Ouch! So that assigned Tesla for weeks and months, where did it go? 

Some patient buyers are speculating that their formerly assigned car is finding a home closer to Fremont, California. That’s where the Tesla factory is, in case you didn’t know. Speculation is that as we end the quarter Tesla is cranking out cars to meet certain quotas. The thought is that it needs to get deliveries to buyers as quickly as possible.

Some VINs are reassigned to others toward the end of the quarter

A car trailer carrying Tesla Inc. vehicles drives out of the company’s assembly plant in Fremont, California | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Both Twitter and also the Tesla Motor Club forum first noticed and began speculating. Tesla is mum. According to Teslarati, forum member @Digitalboi was making room in his garage for the June 30 delivery of his Model Y. Last week he checked his account and found there was no longer a VIN. While doing a search he found that the VIN was now with another buyer. 

Digitalboi lives in Florida, so the trip from Fremont to Florida would be just under 3,000 miles. Speaking with Teslarati, he was not happy. “They’re only doing this to a thousand people, maybe, but it’s still annoying,” he said. “They’re sacrificing customer happiness and satisfaction to pump delivery figures for Q2, and that’s disappointing.”

Another forum member had a similar discovery. But digging into the matter he found his Model Y was damaged in transit. “September is just a placeholder until another car is found or made,” he said. 

Disappearing Tesla VINs have been occurring for a while.

Tesla cars lined at the factory for deliveries
Tesla Inc. vehicles are parked at the company’s assembly plant in Fremont, California | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

This story really isn’t new. Combing the forums similar stories pop up here and there. Obviously, Tesla wants to make better numbers for the press and perception by Wall Street. Record deliveries make big news beyond the trade publications and enthusiast sites. 

Last quarter Tesla made big news with its delivery and production figures. Its best quarter to date, it saw the production of 180,338. Deliveries were even better with 184,800 Teslas finding homes. We wonder if founder Elon Musk wants to see 200,001 this quarter?


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