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Tesla is hard at work on its newest charging stations. The Tesla V4 Supercharger is supposed to be faster, more compact, and will allow non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge up. The automaker also has plans to upgrade some of the current Tesla Supercharger networks, allowing faster charging for Tesla EVs.

The new Tesla V4 Supercharger design and size comparison

The Tesla V4 Supercharger design rumors and a current Tesla charging station
The Tesla V4 Supercharger station will likely look different than the current design | Tesla

Tesla has been keeping pretty quiet about the next generation of Superchargers. Drive Tesla recently reported how the V4 Superchargers would differ from the current V3 Supercharger generation. One source on Twitter (@MarcoRPTesla) drew a mockup that shows the V4 is taller and thinner than the current design. That means each Supercharger also takes up less room at a charging station.

The design of the Tesla V4 Supercharger looks a lot like the Tesla Semi Megachargers that have been installed at the Frito-Lay factory in California and Giga Nevada. The Megacharger is about seven feet tall, which appears to be similar in height to the V4. One of the main differences might be where the connector docks to the Supercharger, which appears higher on the new design. There also might be two charging cables, one for Tesla and one for a CCS Connector for other EVs.

A recent upgrade to the V3 Superchargers means vehicles can charge at 324kW. In Q3 2020, former executive Jerome Guillen said the company was working on a 350kW Supercharger. The automaker hasn’t released any more details on the new Tesla V4 Supercharger, but the White House dropped some hints earlier this month.

Non-Tesla vehicles will be able to charge at the new Tesla V4 Supercharger

The White House has also been working on the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In a recent press release, The White House confirmed Tesla would be “expanding production capacity of power electronics components that convert alternating current to direct current, charging cabinets, posts, and cables.”

The White House also confirmed that Tesla would add new Supercharger equipment to enable non-Tesla vehicles to charge up at these stations. Tesla has been testing a pilot program in Europe this year that allowed other EVs to use its Supercharger network. The new Tesla V4 Supercharger will allow this technology.

 A recent infrastructure bill will also help install 500,000 new electric vehicle chargers all over the U.S., vastly boosting the current network. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, Bill H.R.3684. It allots $65 billion in upgrades for the electric grid and $7.5 billion for new electric vehicle charging stations. 

If you have an electric vehicle, keep an eye out for new equipment popping up


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It has been reported that the new Tesla V4 Supercharger won’t come until the V3 Supercharger gets bumped to 324kW. That is supposed to happen sometime in Q3, which means anytime in the next three months. If that goes as planned, Tesla could roll out the V4 by the end of the year.

If the U.S. wants to achieve widespread electric vehicle adoption, having more accessible chargers is the first step. Tesla allowing non-Tesla EVs to use its charging network is a big step in the right direction. If the Tesla V4 Supercharger pops up anywhere first, it could be near the Giga Texas factory near Austin.