Tesla Tuning Shop Creates Exclusive Custom Model X

There is a desire amongst many drivers to personalize their vehicles. They prefer to have their ride more in keeping with the personal character. For example, some drivers may be more outgoing or flamboyant. So, they may want wild stripes and wraps, suspension modifications, or fancy widebody kits. Other drivers may be more subdued and prefer to blend in. They might go for the monochromatic look. Tesla owners are no different. But, bolt-on options for Teslas are not as available. So, Tesla owners may have to lean toward getting custom work done. Now, a custom shop in Lake Balboa, California, is offering to make Tesla Model X owners an exclusive package.

Who is T Sportline

A desert tan T Sportline Model X T Largo Edition
The T Sportline Model X T Largo Edition | T Sportline via Youtube

T Sportline is one of several Tesla tuners in the market today. The company offers all sorts of accessories and modifications for the entire current lineup of Tesla. As a tuner, they are not affiliated with Tesla directly but are happy to augment the performance and style of any them.

The Tesla Model X T Largo

T Sportline has recently launched an exclusive T Largo edition package for the Model X. It seems pretty extensive. A carbon fiber widebody kit is attached that includes fender flares, a rear diffuser, and a spoiler. The kit widens the car as much as four inches. Headlights are tinted, calipers are painted, a chrome-delete package changes the chrome trim’s look, and special 22-inch black-painted wheels also accompany the modifications.

Inside, the carbon fiber treatment continues. The dash, center console, door panel inserts, and steering wheel have all been upgraded with the fancy material. Also, the seatbacks are changed out from ordinary plastic to a carbon fiber shell.

The T-Largo package is pretty extensive. However, it does not modify the Tesla proprietary performance data. The widebody does, however, give the vehicle better cornering performance. Depending on the customer, the package pricing runs $175,000 to as much as $300,000. Only 20 units will be made.

Other Tesla tuners exist

Many tuners have shied away from electric vehicles. They are still trying to figure out how to modify electric software. But, boosting electric motor performance is only one way to enhance a vehicle. That’s something that T-Sportline has figured out, while others tuners are trying to decipher code, their company is moving ahead and offering suspension, weight, aerodynamic, and appearance enhancements. T Sportline is currently building the 17th T Largo package Tesla Model X, which seems to prove that the demand is there for modified electrics, Teslas specifically.

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T Sportline is not alone in modifying electric vehicle platforms. Unplugged Performance has also been providing custom Tesla packages for a few years. They even took a new Tesla, modified it, and took it to the famous Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. There’s another tuner out even offering to make a Tesla a convertible.

According to Electrek, an article in May, speculates that several Tesla executives have modified their own Tesla Model Ss. Speculation attributes some of those modifications to Unplugged Performance treatments. So, although some custom shops may be frustrated not being able to boost performance through a traditional blower, turbo, or chip enhancement, car owners still have other avenues to give their electric vehicles a more personal touch in keeping with their own character.