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Tesla has been at the forefront of electric vehicle technology since it was founded in 2003. It may have been a long time coming, but the company has done the legwork throughout the years and established itself as a popular electric vehicle brand. Tesla has moved from obscurity to one of the most dominant American automakers in the industry. Now it’s sharing a key part of its winning formula for the betterment of the EV market.

Charged up

A Tesla car dealership.
Tesla Car Dealership | Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Tesla has been through the wringer because of its youth and innovation. The vehicles have been accused of catching fire and causing fatal accidents. The American electric vehicle and clean energy company has survived bad press and growing pains. It has hit its stride and is only growing in both popularity and accessibility.

In 2021 the price of the average Tesla transaction dropped over 8%. The average transaction price decreased by $5,057 in 2021, making it much more affordable than last year. Tesla has produced exciting new models, and the brand is transitioning from rare to ubiquitous as Teslas become some of the most common EVs on the road.

Consumers buy Teslas because they are unique. The automaker has distinguished itself among electric vehicle manufacturers as an industry leader. Impressive technology, driver-safety, and driver-assist features, as well as powerful batteries and chargers, have given the company an edge. Now Tesla is looking to level the playing field by making their chargers more inclusive, changing the EV market forever.

Electric vehicles unite

The Ford F-150 Lightning.
Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

With many automakers announcing major shifts to hybrid and electric vehicles, the industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of change. As a result, automakers are already competing to produce the most popular electric lineups and electric vehicles. This shift has paved the way for creations like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Hyundai Kona EV, and many more fantastic electric vehicles.

As competitive as the current EV landscape is, Tesla still holds the crown as one of the first automakers with a fully electric lineup. The company is so comfortable that they are actually making room for other EVs or monopolizing the EV charger market, depending on your perspective. Tesla has announced that by 2022 Tesla’s Supercharger network will be available to other automakers.

What this means for EVs

A white Tesla Model X.
Tesla Model X | Tesla

Charging time is a huge argument point for electric vehicle critics. Since electric vehicle technology is still in its infancy in the industry, EV batteries aren’t quite practical for everyone yet. The hours of charging time instead of the two-minute fueling time it takes to refill a gas vehicle is enough to deter plenty of potential EV owners. Tesla’s Supercharger network was the solution to this issue for Tesla drivers.

A Tesla Supercharger uses 480 volts of electricity to charge Teslas at superspeed (compared to other EVs). Its network includes over 25,000 superchargers internationally. According to The Drive, Tesla Superchargers are expected to be publicly available in the third quarter of 2022. This is a game-changer for folks who don’t own Teslas and need quicker charge times for their EVs. Maybe the company is making this move to help electric vehicles dominate the market faster. On the other hand, maybe it just found a way to establish a foothold in the EV charging industry for all automakers.

Whatever Tesla’s reason for playing nicely with other automakers may be, this move looks great for the company and even better for EVs. The Tesla Supercharger network could potentially allow all EV drivers to reap the benefits of the once-exclusive system from this industry leader. What other shocking news will 2022 bring for EVs?


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