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Tesla has made huge strides in creating electric vehicles that consumers are excited about. The Tesla Model 3 is a favorite among new electric vehicle owners. The American automaker’s models have recently experienced a price reduction and are also eligible for tax incentives that add up to thousands of dollars in savings. The brand’s ambitions don’t stop at creating great vehicles. It also wants to help spread clean energy to homes.

Tesla truck, Model S and Model 3 success

Tesla China-made Model 3 vehicles at its gigafactory in Shanghai, east China.
Tesla China-made Model 3 vehicles in Shanghai, east China| Xinhua/Ding Ting via Getty Images

The company could be in its golden age thanks to well-timed releases, media coverage, and the charisma of its eccentric CEO Elon Musk. Tesla Stock has tripled in 2021 because the American automaker just doesn’t stop thinking of cool features to add to its fun electric vehicles. Autonomous driving, an infotainment system that plays videogames, a Dog Mode for man’s best friend, Teslas are the future. The new Tesla Model S Plaid stays true to the brand’s ambitions of creating electric cars that can outperform many gas-powered sports cars. The Tesla Model 3 has created a great entry point for new electric car drivers.

Tesla’s truck, the Cybertruck, looks like it belongs in a Sci-Fi flick with a great budget. It’s marketed as extremely safe with the performance specs of a sports car. It does 0-60 miles per hour in less than 6.5 seconds and looks like it belongs on the moon.

The company’s lineup is fun, exciting, and increasingly more affordable as the brand focuses on making entry points for average consumers. In fact, its newest addition will be a hatchback that is rumored to be $25,000. Throw a tax incentive in, and the hatchback will be one of the most affordable EVs on the market. But what good is any electric vehicle if chargers are impractical and hard to find?

EV Supercharger network

A black Tesla charging at a Supercharger.
A Tesla parked at a Supercharger | Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Tesla’s Supercharger network is a large network of electric vehicle chargers that enable fast charging. The company recently announced that its network would soon be expanding to be compatible with vehicles from different automakers. This is huge news because it means that more electric vehicles can benefit from the power of these quick chargers.

The Tesla Supercharger network currently includes over 25,000 chargers internationally. Each charger uses 480 volts of electricity to charge vehicles at superspeed. The network will expand to charge other vehicles toward the end of 2022. Tesla Energy is taking the company’s clean energy efforts even further by bringing more Solar Roofs and Powerwalls to the second largest state in America.

Tesla Energy’s shocking new deal in Texas

The Tesla PowerWall 2.
The Tesla Powerwall 2 | Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images

According to Electrek, Tesla has struck a huge deal in Texas to provide Powerwalls and Solar Roofs for new homes. Tesla Energy entered an agreement with two real estate developers to install the devices into new homes in a large new community. This is huge news because this new community is likely to be the future of many communities where new homes are outfitted with Solar Roofs and Powerwalls.

If everything goes accordingly, Tesla will create a clean-energy community. This community will be especially beneficial to Tesla drivers. If a homeowner in these communities installs a Tesla Wall Connector they could charge their car using energy from their Solar Roof. The company is making ownership of its vehicles as enticing as possible. It is also revolutionizing how people use electricity at home. The brand has successfully infliltrated the auto industry. Now it’s making progress providing clean energy to electric vehicles and homes.


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