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The all-electric Tesla Semi truck has been alluded to numerous times but has yet to be released. The CEO of PepsiCo recently claimed deliveries of these electric semi-trucks would be made before the end of the year. Many speculated that wasn’t accurate, but leaked photos may say otherwise. So we ask again, are Tesla Semis almost ready to hit the road?

Photos of the Tesla Semi at the Megacharger beside the Giga Factory in Nevada

This Tesla Semi was spotted hauling what looked to be a regular truck trailer rather than a Tesla-designed one. On top of that, there’s even a California license plate strapped to the semi-truck. But after attempting to look it up on a free license plate checker, no information was pulled up.

But that’s likely because this particular Tesla Semi was hot off the assembly line, making it’s first stop at a Tesla Megacharger. Unlike a Supercharger, the Megacharger can send more power to the Tesla Semi, charging up to 400 miles in just 30 minutes.

But the timing of this particular Tesla Semi reveal isn’t just coincidental. After all, today was an important day at the Giga factory.

Executives from PepsiCo came to visit the Tesla Giga factory

PepsiCo is going to take delivery of Tesla Electric Trucks
PepsiCo to Take Delivery of Tesla Electric Trucks | Tesla

On the same day this Tesla Semi was spotted charging, executives from PepsiCo visited the factory. They checked out the Tesla Semi as well as the Tesla Megachargers, which are the fastest way to charge these electric semi-trucks.

As of right now, the low-volume production line built next to the Giga factory can produce five electric Tesla Semis per week. And to fill PepsiCo’s 100 Tesla Semi truck order, they would have had to start building PepsiCo’s semi-trucks 14 weeks ago. After all, there are only six weeks left in the year, which means at most, PepsiCo will receive 30 of the 100 Tesla Semis they ordered.

But there’s speculation as to whether or not the brand will receive a single Tesla Semi. Elon Musk himself has come out and asked not to think much of PepsiCo’s statements.

Is PepsiCo really going to get their electric trucks by the end of the year?

According to this tweet from the man himself, Elon Musk doesn’t seem optimistic about PepsiCo’s Tesla Semis. The semiconductor shortage, and other supply chain issues, have affected every automaker. But on top of that, Tesla is having issues getting enough cells for their batteries. And until there’s an abundance of both, low-volume vehicles are harder to make.

Right now, Tesla is prioritizing electric cars, its best-seller being the Tesla Model 3. And who could blame them? Those are the electric cars that pay the bills, even though seeing Tesla Semis on the road would be incredibly cool. But until supply chain issues are sorted, these electric semi-trucks are perpetually delayed.


PepsiCo to Take Delivery of Tesla Electric Trucks in Fourth Quarter, Despite Delays