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  • Tesla removed Roadster pricing from its website
  • The Roadster Founders Edition can’t be reserved anymore, and is gone along with a $250K price tag
  • Elon says Roadster production starts this year, but no official announcement has been made

If you put down a reservation on a Tesla Roadster (or the Cybertruck for that matter), we’ve got some info you’re going to want to hear. Tesla has removed pricing for the EV sports car from its website. However, you can still put in a reservation. To the tune of $50,000. Should you? Probably not.

A red Tesla Roadster EV shot from the front 3/4 in front of a house
The Roadster concept has been around for years now | Tesla

How much was the Tesla Roadster?

It’s been nearly five years since the announcement of the Roadster. It’s been nearly as long since the Tesla Roadster’s price was announced. Back then Elon Musk said he was already driving the rocket-laden car around. Now, you can’t even get the Tesla Roadster price info from the people who are making it. In short, it’s not a good sign given the numerous delays that have befallen both it and the Cybertruck.

Now, part of this is down to production delays that nearly every automaker has faced over the last 18+ months. But more on that in a minute. At one point in time, the brand said the Roadster would cost $200,000. Given the pricing for the Model S Plaid ($129,990), we’d say that’s still a fairly reasonable estimate.

When will the Tesla Roadster be out?

A white Tesla Roadster shot from the rear 3/4 angle in front of a house
The Roadster claims a 1.9-second sprint to 60 | Tesla

Vagueness over pricing is nothing new. We know the new Nissan Z will cost roughly $40,000 but don’t have a solid figure yet. That’s because OEMs really don’t know how much a car will cost until they got to make it. Prices for parts and materials change, even when you’re the one making them. But to de-list the price of a car you’ve already taken people’s money for? That’s simply unacceptable, refundable deposit or not.

All this to say nothing of the Tesla Roadster’s release date. Musk said in a tweet in January of 2021 that they were “finishing engineering this year” and that production would start in 2022. Well, January or not, it’s 2022, and we have little word on whether or not production will actually begin this year.

Tesla removing prices for the Cybertruck and Roadster worries buyers

A red Tesla Roadster on a back road
Rocket thrusters? Maybe. | Tesla

Understandably, the lack of pricing both for the Cybertruck and Roadster is worrying to buyers. If that was changed without notice, Tesla may suddenly find themselves having to refund a lot of reservations. More to the point, if it were our money, we’d be especially upset at having put down $250,000 for the Founders Edition only to find the brand doesn’t even acknowledge it on their website anymore.


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