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Tesla has released yet another software update. This one is for 2021.32.5, and the updates are specifically for the Model S. What do these updates include, and why is Tesla releasing so many updates all at once? Let’s try to make sense of things. 

A red 2021 Tesla Model S driving down a road.
2021 Tesla Model S | Tesla

The 2021.32.5 update adds language support and voice recognition

The interior of a Tesla Model S. Two screens are lit up in the center display of a Model S.
The interior of a Tesla Model S | Tesla

Tesla’s newest update for the Model S allows it to support additional languages to those already incorporated. Now you can use Greek. The keyboard can now also support Hebrew if you’re in Israel. If you want to change languages, you must be in park. 

Autopark has also been updated. Now Autopark will work in parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. You can even see if there’s a potential parking space open, and initiate Autopark via the Autopark button in the shift panel. 

Electrek notes that “the update also includes a change to the bottom control bar on the user interface: ‘Child Lock replaces Camera under controls. You can still access Camera via the bottom bar on your touchscreen.’

Tesla’s ride just got smoother, too

The powertrain of a Tesla Model S.
The powertrain of a Tesla Model S | Tesla

One of Tesla’s ongoing updates is to make the ride in Teslas even smoother than it already is. With the 2021.32.5 update, Tesla has recalibrated the suspension damping algorithm. Tesla update notes say a “Rebalanced rebound-to-compression ratio works with the all-new multilink rear suspension to enhance steering response and handling for a higher degree of road connection and more precise control during spirited driving.”

Additionally, the amount of range left in your battery should be more accurate as well. Tesla has updated the battery range signal, allowing it to take into account a variety of factors which more accurately inform your car battery’s range. 

Autopilot may have become a little safer

Another Tesla software update means updated Autopilot. The interior of a Model S, including the display screen.
The interior of a Tesla Model S | Tesla

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Tesla’s Autopilot feature is one of its most controversial features, alongside Full Self-Driving. It sounds autonomous, but it really isn’t. Drivers are supposed to maintain control of their Tesla at all times. Unfortunately, many people are either confused about Autopilot’s level of autonomy, or they choose to ignore it. There have been many instances of people tricking the Tesla into believing that they are in the driver’s seat and alert while operating their Tesla. 

Tesla’s newest update should cut down on the amount that that happens. The 2021.32.5 update allows the cabin camera above the rearview mirror to detect if a driver is alert (or unconscious). For those concerned about a camera watching you while you drive, Tesla says that the data from that particular camera isn’t sent back to Tesla, unless you allow it to do so. This can be adjusted in the settings. 

Tesla is working overtime to make sure that their software is as up-to-date as possible. They continue to release updates so that Teslas are operating at the high level that its customers expect. With features like Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, Tesla undoubtedly wants to make them as safe as possible, as quickly as possible. Right now the general public is divided as to their opinion of these features. We can likely expect to see more updates in the coming months.