Tesla’s Model S: Coming Soon to a Shipping Container Near You


If you live in (or travel to) the right zip code this summer, you may have the opportunity to see the Tesla traveling roadshow of 2015. The electric car maker is bringing its flagship Model S sedans to a few ritzy summer destinations in hope of sparking more interest in the brand. In the vein of the 1950s GM Parade of Progress mixed with the Nissan Leaf Drive Electric tour of recent yore, Tesla is writing its own story in the pop-up store style.

Fortune reports that Tesla unveiled its first EV pop-up store in Santa Barbara, Calif., over Memorial Day weekend. The setup consists of two shipping containers that fit onto a flatbed truck and, once unfolded and on the ground, showcase the company’s high-end Model S and various lifestyle appointments appealing to its consumer base. Tesla has tried the concept in Europe already yet took to U.S. destinations for the first time with the Santa Barbara pop-up in May. On tap are destinations across the U.S. where Tesla expects its customers will vacation this summer.

According to the report, next stop is New York’s Hamptons, the string of exclusive towns on the eastern end of Long Island between Fire Island and Montauk. Fortune speculated on where Tesla would roll on after its Hamptons installation, and it’s difficult to disagree: Cape Cod, Palm Beach, and Aspen seem like natural fits for the automaker.

With the Model X utility vehicle forthcoming and the affordable Model 3 still a few years off, Tesla is continuing its run of unconventional marketing moves with the Model S, its only vehicle for sale this summer.

WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images

Tesla does not run television, print, or radio ads in hopes of finding a larger U.S. customer base, instead opting for staged media events at its California headquarters that are teased on Twitter to build speculation and excitement. It’s difficult to say the plan hasn’t worked.

Nonetheless, there are countless consumers around the country who seem like a natural fit for the Model S who haven’t seen or touched the exotic electric sedan in person. (Though it is somewhat common to see a Tesla in the Hamptons, the Model S rarely makes appearances on Manhattan streets.)

Tesla may be able to convert more of its inevitable consumer base with the traveling roadshow this summer. Unlike the Nissan Leaf tour that hit less exclusive destinations (Jersey City, Detroit), Tesla has the right approach as per usual. The only question for us is how these containers will travel such great distances. Will they indeed be shipped the old-fashioned (read: high-emissions) way? If so, we’d be a little disappointed in the green car pioneer. Then again, the choices in electric trucks remain few and far between in 2015.

News source: Fortune