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The Tesla police car is now ready to be tested in the U.K. It was just revealed, the first in a predicted lineup of electric emergency vehicles to be implemented in the U.K. The U.K. government wants to have all new cars be electric by 2030. Of course this means that emergency service vehicles will have to be electric too, and Tesla U.K. is on board with the government’s plan. 

A dark gray Tesla Model 3 against a black background. The Tesla Model 3 police car is ready to be trialed in the U.K.
2021 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

What kind of Tesla is the new electric police car?

Tesla U.K. just revealed a Tesla Model 3 police car fit for patrol. Auto Express says that although Tesla U.K. hasn’t revealed any exact details of the new Tesla Model 3 police car, it’s probably a Tesla performance vehicle. 

The Tesla Model 3 Performance level can go from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds and reach speeds of 152 mph. While most cars may never have need for such speed, it’s reasonable to think that a police car might need to go faster than the average car. 

The Tesla Model 3 police car, should it turn out to be a Model 3 Performance, will also have a range of up to 352 miles. This should cut down on the amount of charging a police fleet would need to do. It would take a heck of a police chase to drain a fully charged battery, too.  

Have any police units adopted the Tesla police car?

A red 2021 Tesla Model 3 flying down the highway. A Tesla Model 3 police car is ready to be trialed in the U.K.
2021 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

So far there’s no word as to whether any police units have requested any interest in the Model 3. The cost of the Tesla Model 3 police car hasn’t been confirmed, which makes sense considering details of the car itself haven’t been confirmed. However, if the Tesla Model 3 police car is in line with the regular Tesla Model 3, it could be expected to cost around £60,000, or about $83,500.

The U.K.’s move to all-electric new cars by 2030 is called the Road to Zero strategy. Other cities and countries around the world are making similar pledges, and car manufacturers are taking note. Car companies are introducing new electric cars all the time. Additionally, car manufacturers are coming out with hybrid and electric versions of customer favorites. Volkswagen and GM are among the car manufacturers making promises to move all-electric in the coming years. 

As the U.K. will be banning new petrol and diesel motors as of 2030, this kind of transition is essential. Some police forces in parts of the U.K. have begun the move to all-electric already. Gloucester Constabulary has added 75 electric cars to their fleet, and the Metroplitan Police are using the electric BMW i3s, as well as Toyota Mirais. 

Police forces may trial the new Tesla Model. Fire departments may also try them, too. Hopefully the move is successful, and the transition to electric vehicles is smooth. As more countries watch how the U.K.’s trial unfolds, it could mean even more profound changes. 


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