Tesla Owners Might Actually Have Their Own Dating App

The Tesla community is undoubtedly a unique one. There are many online forums dedicated to Tesla fans and Elon Musk stans alike. But is there actually a dating app purely for Tesla owners in the works?

So is Tesla Dating Co. a real thing?

The Tesla Dating Co app layout looks eerily similar to Tinder's.
Tesla Dating Co prototype | The Next Web

Earlier this week, a few articles were circulating about Tesla Dating Co, a dating site exclusively for Tesla owners. The site launched with the tagline “Because You Can’t Spell LOVE Without EV.” Sounds cute, right? Tesla owners are very passionate, to say the least, so it makes sense to create a particular setting for them to meet up.

The Tesla dating site idea came from Canadian developer Ajitpal Grewal. This site allows Tesla owners interested in finding romance to sign up with their email for early access. They must also show proof of Tesla ownership. Grewal was inspired to create this app after seeing how owning a Tesla changes a person’s identity. 

It became a big part of their identity,” Grewal told The Wall Street Journal. “Suddenly it hit me: These people would be perfect for each other.”‘


It turns out the site is a joke, though

Elon Musk doing an interview at a confrence
Elon Musk | Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Since creating the website, Grewal told The Verge that there were already 1,000 sign-ups on Friday morning. But the thing is, Grewal isn’t sure if he will do anything with the emails. It turns out; Tesla Dating Co. isn’t a real thing. At least for now.

“Yes, the intention with the site starting out was parody, which I let everyone know,” Grewal said. But, I did also say that if I see enough traction I would consider taking the app to launch. So far I’ve been seeing quite a bit of traction.”

The Verge

Even though Grewal said the dating app is a parody, the site looks pretty real. And he didn’t initially make it clear to media outlets like the WSJ or Business Inside that the site was a joke to them either. Also, Grewal doesn’t even own a Tesla. He prefers to bike.

The actual ways Tesla owners can connect

The Tesla logo that will appear on the new Tesla truck.
Tesla logo | Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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Some might be disappointed to know that there won’t be a dedicated app for Tesla owners to find romance. But there are many ways Tesla fans can connect online. For starters, the official Tesla site has its own forum pages that cover different product information and specific regional information. 

One of the most popular forums is the Tesla community group on Reddit, which also happens to be the largest dedicated Reddit group for Tesla owners and enthusiasts. The group discusses everything from owner experiences to support tips.

And even though Musk himself isn’t a fan of Facebook, there are few Tesla community groups on this social media platform as well. There are general Tesla owner pages, and you can also find groups based on the type of Tesla you own or hope to buy someday.