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The internet has proven that Tesla owners love the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck. The Lightning has received a massive number of preorders ahead of its scheduled delivery date in 2022. There are so many reservations; buyers are worried production can’t keep up with demand. You’d expect these buyers to be current pickup truck owners, but a surprising amount is current Tesla owners. The Lightning is proving the only thing holding many people back from driving a truck is poor fuel economy.

How many Tesla owners are getting a Ford F-150 Lightning?

Blue 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck driving down the street, ready to charge battery at EV charging station
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

According to CleanTechnica, 11% of Ford F-150 Lightning preorders are from current Tesla owners. Using the Lightning Owners forum, users figured out what future Lightning owners are currently driving. After dividing the data, most were shocked to see so many Tesla owners making the swap primarily because they went from a non-pickup truck to an expensive, electric one.

In addition to Tesla ownership, the same surveys revealed that 40% of reservation holders already own an electric vehicle. Owning an electric vehicle makes sense since they already know what they’re getting into buying a new one. Spending more than $40,000 or $50,000 on an electric truck might be challenging for some people who have never owned an EV. Those who own a Tesla, or another EV, know the benefits of driving electric and want a pickup truck.

Brand loyalty holds strong

It turns out that among the group of reservation holders present on the Lightning Owners forum, almost none are trading in their Ram, Chevy, or GMC pickup truck for the new electric Ford. Brand loyalty is no joke when it comes to the truck segment. Even if owners of these vehicles are interested in owning an EV, could they be waiting for their favorite automaker to give them one? Loyalty could also negatively impact EV brands like Rivian and Tesla, which are entering the pickup truck market.

Notably, 25% of Lightning reservations are from current standard Ford F-150 owners. Another 5% drive Toyota Tacomas and are waiting for the new F-150 Lightning. It turns out F-150 owners love their trucks, but they also know how much money they’d save without spending so much on fuel. As for Tacoma owners, are they only driving a smaller truck because of the fuel cost savings?

Can the F-150 Lighting use Tesla charging stations?

White Tesla Model Y parked at a lake with a red surfboard on top. Tesla has increased the price of the Model Y and it could be because of new EV tax credits
Tesla Model Y | Tesla Motors

A smartphone app called FordPass for the automaker’s EVs allows users to find a route to the nearest charging station. The app shows the charger locations, whether they’re in use, and how much battery is required to get there. Inverse calls FordPass, “on par with the Tesla offering,” an industry first for EVs.

The Tesla Supercharger is unusable with other brands. However, thanks to the Electrify America charging stations and the future Rivian chargers, more are coming. Ford invested in Rivian, and its chargers are said to use the same plug as the rest of the industry, outside of Tesla. With a combination of Ford, Rivian, and third-party charger locations available through FordPass, range anxiety will be gone.

As you can see, Tesla owners love the Ford F-150 Lightning. It’s being called one of the most important vehicles ever made as it introduces all kinds of new features. The Lightning is not only a capable pickup truck that doesn’t use gas, but it can power a house, tow as much as standard pickups, and more. It’s showing the world that electric can be powerful, and Tesla owners can’t wait to drive one.


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