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Tesla has just begun doing retrofits of round steering wheels replacing the “yoke” style wheels that, apparently, many Model S and X owners hate. We know this because last month Tesla announced the retrofit kit was available at its online store, and it immediately sold out. The yoke wheel became standard on the Model S and Model X a couple of years ago. In spite of the $700 tab for the kit, it has proven to be a very popular item.

Does Tesla still offer yoke steering wheels?

yoke steering wheel
Tesla Model X yoke steering wheel | Tesla

Tesla began assembling Model S and X EVs with the round wheel once again beginning at the factory this January. Either wheel is now available upon ordering at no extra charge. Since its introduction in 2021, the yoke steering wheel has been met with derision from many new owners. 

According to insideEVs, owners found it difficult to make tight turns with the yoke, and in general, said it wasn’t practical. Others said it is cheap. This came as a result of the finish peeling off of yoke wheels within the first 20,000 miles. 

Why don’t Tesla drivers like the yoke steering wheel?

yoke steering wheel
Tesla Model S yoke steering wheel | Tesla

Some drivers feel like they’re moving their hands up and down when a circular motion feels better. In tight turns, you have to cross over your arms or let go of the wheel and change hand positions-not good.

Enough owners have complained about the yoke that several aftermarket companies make round wheel replacement kits. This may have even spurred Tesla to, again, offer round wheels. There are also several videos showing owners how to DIY a Model 3 wheel onto an S or X equipped with the yoke wheels. 

Is the Tesla round replacement wheel the same as the production wheels?

Tesla round steering
Tesla round steering wheel replacement | Tesla

With the yoke wheel, the stalks for the windshield wipers and transmission were no longer available. Captive turn signal and horn buttons were also not part of the yoke wheel conversion. Unfortunately, the retrofit kit does not come with those missing features. 

So the conversion isn’t exactly like having a round wheel from the factory. But if owners drive their Tesla frequently, they are probably used to no stalk features. All of the missing features are accessible from the steering wheel itself. 

Do you have to get the new wheel installed?

Aftermarket Tesla wheel
Aftermarket Tesla round replacement for yoke | T Sportline

This may have had some influence on the recent changes seen in Cybertruck prototypes. Early versions had the yoke steering wheel. The more recent public appearances of it show it has a conventional steering wheel. 

Part of what comes with the $700 charge is the installation by Tesla. Its Mobile Service division takes care of the switch. A service rep will come to your location and make the switch, which is said to be fairly easy and a relatively quick process. 


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