Tesla Model Y Teardown Foam Failure

Tesla has taken a lot of heat for being unconventional. Regardless of what pundits say about the company’s approach to the automotive market, however, no one can argue that the company is a failure. Instead, Tesla has successfully marketed, introduced, produced, and sold new electric models after new electric models. It has also created legions of followers along the way. So, it is jarring when something sneaks out that is slightly critical of Tesla. 

Front view of a white electric Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S sits in a Tesla Store in Barcelona | Photo by Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Tesla criticism does exist

Criticism does exist, however. People have, on occasion, skewered Tesla for anything from its high employee-to-vehicle-production ratio to even questioning the company’s development processes. But Tesla is not a stranger to heckling. The company has constantly improved its product and brought to the market electric car after electric car. In doing so, the company has turned the automotive industry on its head. In fact, other automakers are now moving forward with electrification at a pace never before seen as a result of Tesla’s influence. 

That is not to say that Tesla has a perfect product. As long as humans are involved in the manufacturing processes, something may end up being misaligned, or a robotic piece of equipment could be programmed wrong. That brings us to a video recently released by Sandy Munro, of Munro and Associates. 

Analyzing the Tesla Model Y

Munro and Associates is a company that specializes in analyzing manufacturing. They recently got a hold of a new electric Tesla Model Y. To analyze it, they have begun to take the car apart. The intent is to review the Model Y’s fit, finish, and quality. The company documents the teardown on their Youtube channel. Along the way in the series, Mr. Munro calls out things he and his team have found that are disappointing, and praise those things that are leaps forward from what they expect. 

In a recent video, Mr. Munro discusses a problem that the team found with expansion foam within the Model Y. Manufacturers have used foam for years for sound and weather insulation, to remove vibration, or strengthen high tension areas. However, the expansion foam located in the front door pillar of this Model Y was concerning in the eyes of Mr. Munro. He says that it is ineffective and totally useless. You can see the video below. 

Hard to believe it is useless

Most of Tesla’s early years were spent climbing out of a financial hole. For years the company operated in the negative. However, significant headway has been made. It was only recently that the company began operating in the positive. So, it would be unusual for a company that is so tight on funds to introduce something in the manufacturing process that is seemingly useless. Yet, according to Mr. Munro, that is exactly what Tesla did, and he is befuddled by it. According to him, the foam in the door pillar of the Model Y has no place being there. 


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When it comes right down to it, an automotive manufacturer will not waste money on something totally useless that is not even seen by the general car owner. So, something more is going on here with this foam fail. Mr. Munro and his team just need to figure it out. Tesla is not that clueless.