What Makes the Tesla Model Y so Popular?

Tesla is far from the most common auto manufacturer. In fact, the brand itself is relatively new, especially compared to the lengthy history and heritage of some other brands like BMW and McLaren. Even as a newer addition to the market, Tesla has quickly gained favor and popularity with its strong basis on consumer-focused electric vehicles. But what is it about their cars, like the Tesla Model Y, that are so popular?

Sleek, modern, modest

Many new supercars and sports cars focus on sharp lines, dramatic detailing, and excessive aero, but that couldn’t be less true of the Tesla Model Y. This modern-looking compact SUV stands out for its elegant simplicity, epitomizing what many of us had imagined as a future of electric vehicles would look like — well, except it doesn’t hover, I always imagined a future of hovering electric cars like in The Jetsons.

White Tesla Model Y parked in the road
Tesla Model Y | ATTILA KISBENEDEK / AFP) (Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images

The Tesla Model Y is genuinely owner-focused

Tesla has been popular for its addition of over-the-air upgrades that allow for system updates to improve and enhance the car, but the company’s founder, Elon Musk, gives owners just a bit more. Like several other models from the brand, the Tesla Model Y is loaded with funny, quirky, and show-off-worthy East Egg features hidden around the car’s menus. From whoopee cushion mode to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy secrets, the Tesla Model Y is the option that keeps on giving.

Customers look at the first Tesla Model Y electric SUV arriving at a Tesla store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, on January. 4, 2021
Tesla Model Y electric SUV | Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

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Luxury and sustainability

Part of why so many drivers like Tesla is not just their focus on electric vehicles but also their wayward movement towards sustainability all around. While we once knew more environmentally-friendly cars to be drab options like the Toyota Prius, Tesla offers drivers the ability to opt for a more sustainable vehicle without having to sacrifice comfort and luxury.

A Tesla is plugged in to an electric vehicle charger in Stavanger, Norway
A plug-in electric vehicle charging point in Stavanger, Norway | Carina Johansen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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The Tesla Model Y is overall a very well-rounded vehicle, and while the brand itself is newer, it has made major strides forward in the automotive industry. Although it is more on the pricier side, it does balance out in price (to some extent) with less maintenance and, of course, not having to worry about gas prices ever again.