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Tesla is one of the most innovative automakers in the automotive industry. In 2003 the Californian electric vehicle and clean energy company sought to change the world. Five years later, in 2008, engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk took over as its CEO. Today Tesla is one of the most successful American companies in existence. How did Tesla become so wildly popular and successful? Like Apple, the company continued to add new features and update its products in exciting ways capturing the attention of consumers and the media. Tesla has a Dog Mode. Why wouldn’t it also have a Bioweapon Defense Mode?

Tesla’s rise in popularity

An overhead shot of a red 2021 Tesla Model 3 parked on an empty air strip
The 2021 Tesla Model 3 electric car | Tesla

When Tesla first burst onto the scene with the Tesla Roadster, its goals were much different than what they are today. As a new automaker, the company had to go above and beyond to make an impression. The company chose performance as its way to become a household name. The Tesla Roadster boasted amazing performance for an electric car, but with a starting price of $109,000, it didn’t offer much for the average consumer.

The Tesla Roadster had amazing range, and it was fast, but it wasn’t a practical purchase for most buyers. Telsa returned to the market with the Model S, a fast luxury car, yet again priced higher than most vehicles in its class. The automaker seemed as if it was only intent on making vehicles that could compete with supercars.

Today in 2021, the brand has managed to make itself much more accessible. The company’s new goal is to make its lineup as affordable as possible so more consumers can enjoy its vehicles. It has also established a large Supercharger network for drivers. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are currently the most affordable models starting at $39,990.

What keeps consumers interested in the electric vehicle brand?

A pair of blue and red Tesla models parked outside of a Tesla showroom building
Tesla Showroom | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Tesla recently announced that it is developing a $25,000 hatchback. The automaker is only beginning to introduce affordable vehicles to the market, so how does it keep consumers interested? Features. If Tesla is not making news for a new vehicle, then the many features of its existing vehicles are getting the attention of drivers. Tesla has done an amazing job at creating certain features that are exclusive to the brand and novel to the automotive industry.

Full Self Driving is one of the many amazing features that keeps Tesla’s name buzzing. Autonomous vehicles are controversial, and the automaker has been at the forefront of this controversy for years. Tesla’s Full Self Driving feature uses front-end sensing to avoid accidents with other vehicles. Some Teslas have a Romance Mode. Romance Mode adjusts the cabin temperature, brings a log fire onscreen, and cranks some smooth R&B to set the mood. Some of the company’s features are quirky and silly, but others are deadly serious.

Tesla Model Y Bioweapon Defense Mode

A Tesla Model Y car is on displayed during the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.
The Tesla Model Y | Zhe Ji/Getty Images

If Tesla is the dominant automaker of the future, then it must be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, that extends to threats and problems that even Dog Mode cannot solve. The engineers at Tesla have made sure that their vehicles are prepared for a problem of near-apocalyptic proportions. No, it’s not a zombie killer mode. It’s the Bioweapon Defense Mode.

According to InsideEVs, Tesla Model Y EVs made in China already started including Bioweapon Defense Mode early this year. Bioweapon Defense mode uses a HEPA filter to filter the air and provide air quality similar to what drivers would experience in a hospital. Bioweapon Defense Mode has been featured in the Model S and Model X but never in American-made Model Ys…until now. In the event of a catastrophic bioweapon attack, Teslas are some of the only vehicles prepared to adapt to this kind of crisis. As usual, Tesla has added yet another amazing feature to keep consumers interested in its futuristic lineup.


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